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Real French Green Clay

Q: Could you please share some articles or news that state that the Soviet Union did indeed use French green clay in chocolate bars for the citizens after Chernobyl, and that they have the nuclear power plant buried under French green clay? Thank you.

A: I do not know of any publications in Europe, but my knowledge of this comes from my own, personal experience working in Eastern Europe after Chernobyl melted down. I have personally spoken with the politicos and researchers in Eastern Europe and at Chernobyl when I first learned this information. When I worked with the Soviets to remediate the former Soviet Army bases in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s, I was told about the French green clay at that time. My colleagues have seen Chernobyl razed under a landfill of French green clay used to contain the radiation. This information may be available in Russian archives, but I do not know of them. I seem to be the pioneer behind this knowledge.

Again, my experience is first-hand. I hope this is some help.

IBS and Aspartame

Q: I have been given Provelite powder to take for diarrhea and it works, but my concern is that it contains 14.1 mg phenylalanine per 5.5 gram dose. The packet states cholestyramine - 4 grams of anhydrous choles resin in 5.5 grams of powder.

I am a little scared now, but at the same time, I am not running and missing the toilet before I mess up my clothes as I have for 20 years. I hate aspartame, and it is in this. I have read all about this med, and am so upset. What can I do otherwise? I am so happy to be able to go out and shop, have lunch with friends, go to a movie, and not have the diarrhea problem. What can I take that would do the same thing without the garbage in it?

I have had a colonoscopy and all is well. My IBS has no findings on what causes it. I think it is all because I had my gallbladder taken out in 1976, and there is too much bile in the intestine. Thank you for listening...hope to hear from you.

A: Oh my. Well, the place everyone must begin with bile issues is follows: (And try this for 1-week and see if it improves your situation. Cancel all outings for the week and give your body 100% attention.)

  1. Try a liver cleanse to remove the bile that has backed up. Unless eating habits change or nutritional programs are started immediately after the gall bladder is removed, the bile simply builds up within the scar tissue, and problems such as this, inevitably result.
  2. If you get good results with the liver cleanse, I suggest remaining on it 4-5 times a week indefinitely.
  3. Also, do a very gentle colon cleanse; you can find various ones at the health market. Even though diarrhea is chronic for you, your colon needs to empty the bile. Again, give this one-week for the worst to be over.
  4. Supplement with acidophilus 5-7 times a week in the morning and at night FOREVER; take it both times on an empty tummy. I recommend the liquid flavored acidophilus with strawberry, and it tastes great right out of the bottle. Whole Foods Apple Flavored brand is an excellent choice, also.
  5. No aspartame or other food chemicals, no processed fats or oils, and eat mostly raw and natural foods.

This should make a difference within the week. Read my book, The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet. It will teach you how to use the right foods to prevent various health issues like this. The book applies to all health issues, not just cancer. It's a great little book!

Let us know your progress, but give this one-week to begin. After that week, you'll know if you have hit the bull's eye.

The best in health,

- Janet Hull

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