NutraSweet Poses as Pink

Have you seen this new "pink packet" of artificial sweetener? My niece got it from Sonic one morning; she didn't ask for it, they just gave it to her with her I'm-late-to-work coffee. I think it's just another tricky attempt to further confuse the consumer because Equal® is not doing so well these days. This new NutraSweet pink pack has all the same ingredients as Equal, too.

NutraSweet Pink Packet

NutraSweet is obviously jumping on the "pink packet" wagon because more consumers are returning to saccharin. And why not - if you zip open the blue packet, you're typically left with a pounding headache. If you tear into the yellow packet, don't be surprised if you chronically fight a bladder infection from the chlorine inside. And more people are figuring this out for themselves.

Most diabetics I know use the pink packet of saccharin because it leaves fewer side effects (actually, it leaves no side effects that anyone has noticed over the past 150 years of use [Remember that saccharin never caused cancer in those old studies, and the warning was taken off the original pink packets in 2001]). Saccharin doesn't alter blood sugar levels like the other colorful packets do, but be careful which pink packet you reach for now!

If you get confused on which colored packet sweetener is what, remember this good rule-of-thumb: Color Matters!

  • The yellow packet (Splenda) = caution like in a traffic light
  • The blue packet (Equal) = makes you feel blue
  • The pink packet - original pink packet (Sweet'N'Low® or generic saccharin) = you're in the pink!

Heads up people - they are "catching on."

Look for more of this type of confusion to occur as the sweetener industry marketers desperately try to hang on to their big market shares. Geeze, when and how will this all end?

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