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Thank you so much for all that you do to inform us of the dangers of diet sweeteners for the sake of our children and everyone using them!

My 12-year-old son, Austin, had a grand mal seizure 3 weeks after being diagnosed Type 1 diabetic. We assumed he had a hypoglycemic reaction, but his blood glucose reading was 68 during the seizure. I could not understand why the seizure occurred and was concerned about any brain damage that it may have caused. Upon researching grand mal seizures, I came across multiple articles on aspartame poisoning. After we administered glucagon, he still took over an hour to be responsive...I thought he was dying!!

We were camping in Vermont over the weekend, and we were giving him only diet sodas and Crystal Lite all weekend. Even our pediatric diabetes nurse was surprised to hear that his seizure occurred during the DAY at 1 pm (diabetic seizures occur primarily at night, during sleep). After his seizure, I did not sleep for over a month because I was scared he would die during sleep.

I had initial reservations regarding Splenda and Equal because I had heard it was poison before this, but the nutritionist at the hospital said it was perfectly fine and that he could have as much as he wanted as they pumped Diet Sprite in him in the hospital for 2 days.

I know that a 68 blood glucose level is not low, and to this day, I truly believe that he had aspartame poisoning!!

We have removed every sugar-free product from our home and I, myself, lost 10 lbs within 3 weeks after I stopped using it without any change in my eating habits. I am furious that the FDA has not removed these products from the market, and that they are deemed as safe.

Every doctor/nurse/nutritionist I speak to about this tells me moderation is key. poison is okay in moderation?? And for my child???? So many of my friends think I am going overboard, but if they saw their child the way I did during that seizure, they would want answers too!

Please forward any additional info/articles/books to read on these poisonings. The truth is simply HIDDEN.

Austin Kaeser's mom
Naples, Florida

Posted December 2009 | Permanent Link

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