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Have you seen the link where a reputable doctor more highly regarded than Dr. Hull, disagrees with everything she says about aspartame? This doctor says aspartame is perfectly safe and there is no research proving it is harmful to your health. What do you say about that, Dr. Hull, if that's your real name and title?

From Dr. Hull: comments like these have been showing up on my Forum lately, and many of them are from the UK. I started the Forum as a chat format for my clients and for those who are aspartame survivors. I get on the Forum several times a month, and I really have fun replying to the members in an informal chat room environment. The members answer one another's questions and share good health information, but lately I have been disturbed by some negative comments (like the one above), and many of these have been banned.

I know that not everyone is going to agree with all the things that I write in my Healthy Newsletter and in my books, but the Forum is NOT a debate forum.

One of the positive attributes of self-healing and the plethora of great information found on the Internet is the freedom to pick and choose what works best for you. Focusing on the POSITIVE as opposed to the NEGATIVE is how I recommend all people live, especially when dealing with illness. Doubting the information about aspartame dangers (and the other chemical sweeteners), comparing my articles to those written by another, questioning my credentials, criticizing and complaining - well, you are welcome to be who you are and do what you choose, but NOT on my Forum. There are many other forums and chat rooms on the web, so please sign up for another one if you disagree with the things I write, and if your comments are banned again, search for another group, and then another, or start your own forum.....the rest of my comments have been banned!

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