Splenda Interview

As the author of the original book on Splenda, Splenda: Is It Safe or Not? and founder of http://www.splendaexposed.com and http://www.issplendasafe.com, I grant numerous interviews for magazines, television and radio, and for college and higher-learning programs throughout the world. Each interview is different in its own way, but they all have value informing others about the truth behind Splenda; information kept from mainstream and public access.

Q: What are some common misconceptions about Splenda?

A:The advertisements are designed to give consumers the impression that Splenda is a low-calorie form of sugar. They are spinning the truth, and greatly misleading the consumer. Splenda, or sucralose as it was named when it was invented, comes from a sugar molecule, yes, but it is so mutilated and transformed in the lab, it has merely 1 atom of sugar remaining after 3 atoms of chlorine are injected into the sugar molecule. So in laymen's terms, sucralose, or Splenda, is 1 part sugar and 3 parts industrial chlorine. You might as well drink from your fish aquarium or swimming pool.

Another misconception is the safety of chlorine. People assume chlorine is safe to drink because chlorine is used to disinfect tap water. But the research shows that chlorine in tap water is a carcinogen. That's why most people are now drinking bottled water and/or putting filters on their faucet taps. Chlorine causes cancer. Splenda is 3/4-chlorine.

Another misconception: to successfully replace the sugar with chlorine in the lab, the manufacturers use chemicals such as benzene, lithium chloride, formaldehyde, and acetone to force the chlorine into the molecule. Splenda is technically a chemical soup!

Q: How does the advertising for the product create a sense of healthfulness about Splenda?

A: Advertisers aren't nutritionists, but they market the diet sweeteners as if they know best what's good for your health, and they promote these diet sweeteners as a way to control weight and to control ADD and hyperactivity. Diet chemicals have NO nutrition whatsoever, and the toxic chemicals accumulate in your body. Children, especially, need to eat real sugars, real fats, and natural sodium to develop and grow healthily. Diet chemicals and fake foods starve your body, actually making you hungry, and they will make you fat. Obesity is now at epidemic proportions worldwide, and over 60% of America's youth are obese. Connect the dots. Diet sweeteners encourage you to eat more food and larger helpings, and they create lethargy, sleeplessness, behavior disorders, and a multitude of health issues. But you'd never pick up on that through advertisements.

And notice how these diet sweeteners are marketed more to children than to adults. Splenda is addictive, and as we continue down this "misinformed" road, people are becoming afraid that real food will make them fat.

Who's benefiting the most from these diet products? The health of the consumer or the profits of the corporations?

Q: Are there comparable risks between Splenda and other artificial sweeteners like aspartame?

A: There are differences, but the common denominator is that these diet sweeteners are chemicals, and no animal was meant to eat chemicals. The body feeds from the foodstuffs you give it, and when you fill it full of junk and chemical foods void of substance and nutrients, you eventually starve yourself and create illness. We are witnessing this today - there can be no doubt about this connection.

Q: Are there any positive benefits with Splenda?

A: NONE. Diabetics defend that they cannot live a normal life without these diet sweeteners. Balderdash! The diabetics I work with use NO chemical sweeteners, they eat a balanced diet of smaller portions more often throughout the day, and they get up and move their bodies with some form of regular exercise. Saccharin is safe and always has been and is the pink packet of choice for hot drinks. But complex sugars in smaller portions are fine for the diabetic. There is so much to learn about the "other side" of this diet sweetener issue. Don't be suckered in by the advertisers. And the research is available proving the dangers of both aspartame and Splenda. This research is minimized and criticized in America, but in Europe, Australia, Japan and the other countries throughout the world, their respectable research proves the health dangers of all these chemicals sugars.

Q: I noticed that your Web site said that Splenda could make people gain weight? Are there any other ironic things about the product?

A: My next book (coming out next year) on this sweetener issue is called Dying To Be Thin, and it addresses weight gain caused by a diet of chemical sweeteners. Think about this: when you are hungry, you feed your body. This food fuels your brain, your hormones, your endocrine system, your heart, kidneys, colon, etc. If you eat a worthless food product with absolutely NO nutritional value, your body will remain hungry. After many hours, days or years of feeding your body nothing that it can use for energy and development, it is now convinced that you are starving and have no access to real food, like in many Third World countries. So, now you not only crave more carbs for some energy, but your body will store every little morsel of food you do give it as fat to use later; later when all it gets is a bunch of junk, sugar-free chemicals that it can't benefit from.

See where I am going here?? You can stuff your face all day long with empty foods, but your body will remain hungrier for carbs and will begin slowing down your metabolism and start storing fat. I think we all are witnessing this in America and Europe. Fat children, fat adults. And the ones with the diet products in their shopping carts are the ones ordering the super-sized burger and fries who always order a large diet cola to go with it.

Connect the dots. Children become more hyper when they are hungry. Adults become depressed and aggressive when they can't sleep because their serotonin levels are out of balance from a diet of chemicals. People are being diagnosed with diseases that didn't exist 30 years ago. These diet chemicals are making people sicker and sicker, fatter and fatter.

Ironic?? Here's the kicker - the corporations that make these diet chemicals are pharmaceutical companies, and they are the corporations making the medications to treat the side effects from the diet sweetener use. Now, that's ironic!

"I'll have those anti-depressants super-sized, please!"

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