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Diet Cola Addiction

Q: I drink at least 8 to 10-one liter diet cokes a day and I have for 20 years. I now have symptoms of MS and RA. My hands hurt so badly, and I am dizzy all the time. I had lap band surgery to lose weight, but have only lost 40 pounds. I have started drinking RC® cola with Splenda, and I do feel better than I did drinking aspartame. I have had every test run that you can imagine, but every time I drink a Diet Coke®, all these bad things happen to me all over again. It usually takes a day or two, but it happens every time. HELP! I must be addicted because I keep going back to the Diet Cokes.

A: The best place to begin turning the harmful health effects of the diet sweeteners (Splenda included) around is with your awareness that you have an issue with NOT using them. Addictions to diet sweeteners are very common, but you must realize that they are not food for your body. They may "fill you up" temporarily, but will not feed your body. Eventually, your body will begin breaking apart because it is mal-nourished. Being thin is wonderful, yes, but being healthy is more important.

If you realize you have addictions to diet sweeteners for many reasons, physical and emotional, then you are on your way to beating that addiction. You can begin to replace the diet habit with one of exercise, meditation, and healthier habits like gardening, painting, sewing, etc.

Learn that your life must take a different turn because depending on diet products to make you who and what you want to be is a false sense of security. Freedom comes from CONTROLLING your own life as only YOU can do.

Hope this is some help. Keep working hard to reach your goals without dependencies on anything else.

What If I Dye My Hair?

Q: If I color my hair, won't those toxins in the hair color effect the results of hair analysis?

A: This is a common question. Most times people who color their hair submit pubic hair as a sample. You cut it close to the skin and submit a heaping tablespoon. This will show true toxins in the body. But, our lab always asks for the products used on your hair so they take into account the metals used in these respective products.

Another plus for using head hair, even if it is treated, is the fact that if toxins are high, then you know to switch product brands. Many brands do not contain toxic metals, such as the Matrix brand.

Regardless of the toxic list with or without hair chemicals, the nutrient levels on the analysis will remain accurate, and it is important to know of essential nutrients are depleted or if digestion is blocking proper assimilation.

Hope this helps.

Great Diet Question

Q: I have had angioendema of the upper lip for about 4 months and couldn't understand why. I have seen my doctor and he had me take Benadryl®, which didn't work. So I saw an allergist, and he prescribed several things over the past two weeks. I am now on Prednizone, which has helped a little. Then I had some sugar-free pudding tonight and my lip started to swell again...I then realized that I have been using many sugar substitutes recently since I started a weight watcher's program in June. I am at my wit's end. My lip at times looks puffy with red blotches emerging on the skin above my lip. I have a stronger cortisone cream that I apply twice a day, but the redness comes and goes. Could it be all the sugar substitutes I am now taking? I was not that much over weight; I am 6'6" tall and weigh 228 lbs. I only lost 12 pounds on the weight watchers and stopped. I just wanted to get into the regimen of eating healthier. I am 55 yrs old and in excellent health, except for the monstrous looking lip!!

As of this moment, I will stop all diet sweeteners and see if that works. Please let me know if I am on the right track...possibly. I thought it might be a tooth problem, but the dentist said it clearly isn't since I have no tooth pain or gum problems....HELP!

A: Thank you for your email.

Anytime you develop new, strange health reactions and diet sweeteners have just been introduced into your diet, I ALWAYS point my finger at the sweetener chemicals. You may also have some Candida in the mouth or another microorganism that the chemicals in the sweeteners are aggravating, or the methanol in aspartame and/or chlorine in Splenda may be simply irritating your, once, very healthy mouth tissues and digestive mouth enzymes. Whew - that was a mouthful!

Stop ALL products with these nasty sweeteners and use weight loss programs that are wise enough to know good nutrition from bad. There are excellent weight loss programs out there using soy and NO artificial chemicals. Seek the companies that truly have quality products, and avoid ALL diet chemicals. Your mouth swelling may go away after you Detox and stop all diet products. If it lingers, FYI, you may have Candida, and you might want to research that.

Comments: Out of the Aspartame Orbit

Q: I have a bad habit of using Orbit® and Breathsavers®...I may consume an entire package at one time...recently two of my liver enzymes were elevated...could this be the reason?

A: Absolutely. Aspartame breaks down readily, and at a low temperature - 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it breaks down inside the body, its primary toxic by-products are formaldehyde, formic acid, DKP, and adrenaline. All these chemicals can raise your liver enzymes because they circulate throughout the bloodstream and impact the liver, which houses the most blood in the body. Also remember that before aspartame breaks down, it is a 10% methanol mixture with aspartic acid and phenylalanine. When the methanol breaks free, it is like pure rock-gut booze free styling inside your bloodstream. If you consume enough aspartame throughout the day, you are essentially mocking drinking white-lightening - booze - pure alcohol. THIS impacts your liver, don't you think?!!

As you chew gum with aspartame, the digestive enzymes in your mouth immediately begin to digest the chemicals in the toxic sweetener, and this in turn slowly disseminates throughout your bloodstream. So, yes, your liver has had enough and is now showing it!

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