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This issue includes questions relating to detoxification: Detoxing a 4 year-old, a Detox Explanation, A list of Detox Questions.

Comments: Detoxing a 4 year-old
Q1: We have been giving the Detox Vitamin Supplements to our four-year old and haven't noticed any improvement in her health symptoms and nerve disorder; if anything her symptoms appear a little worse. Is it too soon to see a change as she has only been on the detox program for three weeks?

A1: It can be discouraging to think that negative health symptoms are actually positive ones. According to the hair analysis, her little body was so toxic in copper, mercury, titanium, aluminum, thorium, thallium, and uranium that as the toxins excrete, the initial health symptoms can get worse. This is one reason traditional medicine (in the USA anyway) panics at programs such as detoxification protocols. They don't understand how "to ride the storm" while ushering toxins from the body.

I want you to begin noticing if her nerves and motor skills do begin to improve after another 2-3 weeks. If so, then we'll know we broke through the toxic barrier for proper nerve transmission. Some nerve endings may be damaged, but at her young age, the body can perform miracles. I think positive changes will manifest in another 14 days.

If she is worsening to a point her symptoms increase and pain increases, however, then decrease the dose; it make take longer to reverse the toxic damage, but it will happen over time and we want this a positive experience for her. If she stabilizes at the dose you have her on now, then I say to give this process more time. One morning you'll wake up and she'll be different - happier, feeling better - please keep me informed of any progress.

Q2: We are very seldom noticing a flush with 50 mg of Niacin. We increased it to 100 mg for 1 night and again there was no flush. Can we reduce it to 25 mg even though there is no flush? Will it still be affective?

A2: As the niacin breaks through the metal layers, the flush will regularly occur and then it stops as a new layer of metals is initially penetrated. It is like chiseling away at a hard rock - one layer at a time. But, I would leave the dose at 25 mg (and no more than 50 mg) for a child her age. Especially complaining of the tummy ache. Give this time and stay patient.

Q3: Also, with the same dosage, why does she have a flush on some nights and others not.

A3: Again, it's the porosity of the layers as they dissolve, and also what she may have eaten that day - the niacin has a harder time penetrating fats and food chemicals so the flush is stronger some days and not others. But it is obviously working. Keep the dose low and, yes, it continues to work if the flush isn't felt, just much slower. However, this should eliminate her tummy aches, but the toxins will still be metabolized and excreted.

Comments: Detox explanation

Q: I have received the detox supplements from you, but the Complete Detox Kit contains no written instructions. Each bottle has instructions, but a more detailed written-out graph or instructions would be helpful. I did download the 10-Step To Detoxification e-book, but somehow I feel cheated in not receiving any information with the actual
detox supplements.

A: Thank you for your wonderful suggestions, and we will implement a change to the Complete Detox Package based on this great feedback. (I'm sorry you feel cheated though. We hope that changes!) You see, the vitamins resulted from my hair analysis program - I discovered that most people could not find quality natural vitamins strong enough to pull the really harmful toxins from their bodies. I designed the vitamins at this time for my patients.

Then, the program became popular with people like yourself, those who have not done the hair analysis program (When someone does the hair test, they receive an 8-page report with full explanations on the Detox process.) So we haven't thought about the fact that many people are detoxing and taking these preventative supplements without having a hair test done.

So, we will now design an information packet to put into the detox kits for people starting the program at this point.

Thanks so much for your great feedback. Please combine the text in my Detox book with the recommendations on the vitamin bottles, and see if you receive the cleansing results we expect. And, please email us with any future concerns or questions.

And we hope you are pleased with the quality of my program, and can notice positive health changes.

Comments: A list of Detox questions

Q1: I am one of your patients. I started the detoxification program on Sunday and today is fifth day of the program, but I have some questions about the program. I think I am doing something wrong. It is emphasized that French Green Clay should be taken on an empty stomach, but how much time has to pass after taking French Green Clay to eat my meal?

A1: Merely 30 to 40 minutes. The clay will digest impurities in your food, so it is more effective when taken on an empty tummy. It will not harm you if your stomach has food in it.

Q2: Can I eat chocolate during this program or is it strictly forbidden?

A2: Pure chocolate, and in small amounts.

Q3: I think smoking is forbidden but I sometimes am in public places where smoking is allowed. Is it harmful to be in contact with smoke?

A3: If you are exposed to smoke, make sure to take extra vitamin C and other antioxidants like vitamins A & E to remove any exposure to toxins.

Q4: Is it strictly forbidden to use cosmetics or deodorant?

A4: Use pure forms of these products with no artificial chemicals added. Some of these products can be found in quality forms with natural ingredients.

Q5: Can I eat meat, honey, jam, cheese (I know I can eat them as 25% of my 25/75 pH diet) or is it good to eat vegetables only for this six weeks (during detox). I want to get maximum benefit from this program, so if eating only fruits and vegetables is better I can do it. Is it better to eat only alkaline meals and no acidic meals?

A5: Balance your acid/alkaline meals with a variety of fruits, vegetables, organic meats, spices, and natural grains and whole foods. If you are not lactose intolerant, cheese is fine if it is a dry, unprocessed form of cheese. Whole foods will provide maximum benefit for the body.

Q6: Do I have to wait for some time after I take each pill or can I take them together? Do they affect each other (pressurize each other). For example, can I take Detox-C and Omnizyme together at the same time?

A6: Yes, they can be taken together. These are merely "food" supplements, so they act as food on intake. Natural vitamins are compared to eating concentrated foods.

Q7: Do I have to take the pills at the same times of the day everyday? For example: if I take French Green Clay in the morning and at night, can I take it at noon or another time during the day?

A7: You can establish a routine at any time of the day that is the most convenient for your schedule. Remember, these are acting as food for your body. When taking the clay, if your tummy is empty, it will work more efficiently - any time of the day.

Q8: Is it good or bad to swim in a swimming pool as exercise? Is the water of the swimming pool harmful?

A8: The chlorine can cause harm, so make sure to protect your eyes, and shower after your swim. Choose a pool with a saline filter or ozone filter, if possible. Avoid indoor pools and steamy areas if chorine is present.

Q9: Will I lose weight after the program?

A9: Most people do lose weight.

Q10: Can I eat foods with rich vitamin C sources, or is the Daily Detox-C enough?

Q10: Oh yes, eat the foods rich in vitamin C, and use the Detox C if you feel you need extra C. Judge by your stools - if they are daily and soft, then you have enough vitamin C. If infrequent and hard or dry, then add more vitamin C.

Q11: I found a product named A-C-E + Selenium. (I think it is vitamin C+E+A and selenium together in a pill) Can I take it or is it harmful to take C vitamins in addition to Daily Detox-C?

A11: Most times these forms of vitamin C are less affective and more manufactured sourced from high fructose corn. If vitamins are combined like this, they are manufactured more than I recommend. Try to take any additional supplements in isolated form (amino acids are an acceptation, and should be taken in combination of no less than eight)- they are less altered by human manufacturing.

Q12: Is Omnizyme enough for digestion or is it good to take kephir or linseed too. Is it harmful to take all of them together daily?

A12: You can take these together, but make sure any oils you take are cold pressed. Linseed is questionable as to purity, but coconut and olive oils are good.

Q13: Since I now take these Detox supplements, I gave up taking the supplements you recommend that reconstruct my hair (Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Flax Seed Oil). Can I go on and take them with the detox vitamins. Will they pressurize effects with each other?

A13: These additional supplements are wonderful to take. They combine safely with the detox vitamins, and you'll notice an improvement in your hair, skin and nails. The body cannot be harmed by a plethora of natural nutrients it is in need of.

Q14: If I did something wrong (like eating chocolate, smoking or eating immediately after taking French Green Clay), will the detox program be useless?

A15: Not at all. These Detox agents may not be as strong or work as efficiently at these times, but it is more important to keep the detox program going at times when you "slip up" and cheat a bit with bad habits. We all slip up - this is normal. Simply increase the detox vitamins to remove any extra toxicity. The best to you.

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