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To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: arsenic poisoning

Q: Dear Dr. Hull,
I have been diagnosed with arsenic poisoning. I need to know how to detox this out of my body. The insurance company is giving me trouble, also my employer. I worked in a chemical plant all my life.

A: I have worked with several people along the Texas coast with arsenic poisoning from their water, all tied into refineries. I would recommend downloading the detox eBook and this will tell you exactly what to do and why. Go to this link for info on the program: http://www.detoxprogram.net/

You can remove the arsenic within weeks using this detox program, as I have seen many people do it.

I recommend getting the book and using it as a reference guide. Do you need lab evidence that you have high arsenic? The hair analysis will provide that, and it will stand up in court.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: food allergies

Q: I used to subscribe to the idea that I craved what my body needed until I met a doctor who said that quite often you are allergic to the foods that are your favorite and you crave. My favorite food is spinach, which is a good source of lithium, which my hair results show I really need. Is there any validity to what this guy said or can I forget about him and think he was a quack?

A: Well, I disagree with that doctor's opinion for two reasons: 1) If the body is digesting all proteins properly, there are no such things as allergies. 2) The body does crave the nutrients it needs by instinct. All other animals do this, humans are no exception. Your body will "tell" you what nutrients it needs and what foods those nutrients are found in by cravings. This happens during pregnancy all the time. 3) We must never stop "listening" to our bodies.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: filtered water

Q: I do filter my water and I drink spring water. Is that ok or should I only drink spring water? If so, what kind?

A: Evian is the best bottled water to buy when out of the house, and Mountain Valley is the best brand in the south-southeast to keep in bottles at home. Research the source of any local companies around you and try to find a source that is truly a natural spring. Spring water is by far the best source of water and minerals the body needs to stay properly hydrated.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Where do I find the best detox supplements?

Q: I am having a hard time finding some of the stuff you recommend and was wondering if there was a website I could go to as I did not notice a link on your site and when I put in the names of the companies I have no luck.

A: My vitamins for the detox program will be available on my site and on webnd.com in a couple of weeks. I was given the opportunity to compound my vitamins with an excellent chemist in Colorado so to make it easier for people to locate them, especially for my clients in other countries and rural areas of the USA. Check at the end of the month for the links on my website, but you can email Empirical Labs' Order Department to get food grade French Green clay in capsule form, the Detox-C, the digestive enzymes, and the pure niacin. They will ship directly to you.

To Your Health,
Janet Hull

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