December 2003 Issue

Splenda Interview with Dr. Janet Starr Hull

Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? The following interview was conducted with Janet Starr Hull on the safety of sucralose found in Splenda®. Q: What exactly is Splenda? A: In a simple sentence, you would just as soon have a pesticide in your food as sucralose because sucralose (Splenda) is... Continue Reading

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'Sexy' Hormones

Testosterone - The 'Sexy' Hormone A product of DHEA and progesterone, testosterone takes credit for the human sex drive - or lack of, as the case may be. Testosterone is the most critical hormone involved in the human sex drive - in both men and women. Testosterone also supports bones... Continue Reading

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A Healthy Prostate

How To Have A Healthy Prostate Some natural supplements you can take for prostate health are: 1. Saw Palmetto berries extract (not the powder) with 85%-95% fatty acid content. 2. Urtica Dioica (the root, not the leaves). 3. African Pygeum (the bark, which contains the beneficial sterols) from regulated and... Continue Reading

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Did You Know?

* Astragalus (Chinese milk vetch root) is an herbal remedy that is highly effective in treating and preventing the flu. Astragalus induces the production of interferon in the body, especially at the mucosal surfaces where it is particularly helpful. Echinacea can also be used, but may have more side effects,... Continue Reading

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Q and A with Dr. Hull

To: Subject: arsenic poisoning Q: Dear Dr. Hull, I have been diagnosed with arsenic poisoning. I need to know how to detox this out of my body. The insurance company is giving me trouble, also my employer. I worked in a chemical plant all my life. A: I have... Continue Reading

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Healthy Recipe

Two 'Nutty' Recipes For The Kids Almond Butter And Sliced Bananas Spread 1/3-cup nut butter on whole grain bread. Add banana slices or 100% fruit jam. Other nut butters can be substituted such as cashew, sunflower, hazelnut, or natural peanut butter. Be sure there are no other added ingredients in... Continue Reading

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Safety Alerts/Government Recalls

Abbott Laboratories Has Recalled 0.9% Sodium Chloride Reason: Mislabeled; incorrect bar code on overwrap of the product. Distribution: Nationwide. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Schwarz Pharma Has Recalled Levsin Elixir Reason: Mislabeled front label incorrectly states the product strength as 0.125 mg/mL rather than correctly as 0.125 mg/5 mL. Distribution: Nationwide. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... Continue Reading

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