The Education of Aspartame

Hello! I am a senior at St. John's School in Houston, Texas, and I am doing a project in my anatomy class on the pros and cons of artificial sweeteners. I wanted to get an expert opinion and your name kept popping up on my searches! I was wondering if you could share with me your opinion on them? Your website provides countless facts on the sweeteners, but what do you think? Are they worth the risk because you save the calories?

Thank you so much for your time!

Knowledge is power, and teaching our youth about the "other side" of the diet sweetener issue is a must! One of the biggest issues I have with the diet sweeteners (and I have many) is the fact that the information about them is so one-sided. As a college professor, I know for a fact that quality education teaches BOTH sides of any issue, but ALL the facts about the artificial sweeteners have not been properly exposed. THIS is a great disservice to education and to the rights of consumers. Without all the data available, there is little hope for realistic solutions to our epidemic health problems, and education suffers greatly.

Primarily because of the Internet, the truth about the diet sweeteners is reaching our youth, and I encourage every teacher, parent, and student to promote research projects about the history of the diet sweetener industry and to become aware of the research that HAS proven these chemical sweeteners are dangerous food additives. The younger generations aren't "buying" into the old-fashioned belief that because the FDA approved it, it's unquestionably safe. Kids are figuring out on their own that aspartame is one of the worst examples of a toxic substance allowed on the public market.

Diet sweetener safety is one of the hottest topics in modern times, and it is an excellent subject for school projects. Our children are smarter than we give them credit for, and they ARE figuring this out. The smartest students are teaching other students; why aren't the teachers taking this leading role?

Thank goodness for our youth!

Research from universities and research centers throughout the world proved as early as the 1960s that aspartame is a serious health threat. Aspartame is shown in studies to eat holes in brain tissue, deform a fetus, and cause MS and similar nerve disorders. Aspartame has been proven to adversely affect hormone development, and sadly, cause depression, phobias, eating disorders, PMS, weight gain, and serious emotional imbalances.

We are all fighting in this sweetener war - a battle of mega profits over public health, and our kids have been thrown onto the front lines in this battle. This will be an on-going fight for truth and information until the children of tomorrow finally end this insidious battle for profit over health.

There is no doubt - NO DOUBT - that these dangers are well documented and scientifically proven.

So, for all the teachers and students out there, assign the safety of the diet, chemical sweeteners as a class project, and know that you are helping others become more aware. Isn't that what true education is really all about?

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