Q & A with Dr. Hull

How Do I Get the Vitamins?

Q: I have a question for you. We have ordered the Ionic Trace Mineral in liquid form from NOW. After we have received it in the States, we realized that we need to transport it to our home country, and it is going to be challenging because of the size and the weight and the number of bottles we received for a 6 month treatment x 2. Could you recommend another good Trace Mineral not in liquid form that we could take instead, and that will be easier to transport?

A: Darn - the liquid form is golden, but this one is a pretty good tablet substitute: GM Trace Mineral by Schiff. Once we have the vitamin directory up, you can search for the specific vitamins that you need directly from the directory, but for now go to our affiliate link at eVitamins for their general directory to find these vitamins on-line.

Adjusting My Niacin Dose

Q: In the detox instructions, you mention that we should take Niacin in a quantity that does not exceed 500 mg and that we should increase it by 50 mg until we get a flush. We are having trouble adjusting the dose. I have the following concerns:

1. One day we get a flush with 100 mg, but the next day we do not get a flush, for example.
2. Should the dose be graduated so that we get the flush every day that we take the Niacin?

A: Niacin can be slowly increased until you feel that flush every time you take the niacin, or you can leave it at a comfortable dose but not always flush when you take it. Remember, every day is different - different meals and foods eaten, the toxic layers may peal off inside of you one day and you don't feel the flush, but then you will have excreted them the next day, and you feel the flush. The key is to take a comfortable dose, and know that it is dissolving these blood toxins any time you do take it.

Niacin Flush

Q: How much flush should we be getting? Should we just get slightly hot and red in the face or should we get hot and red and tingling in the face, neck, arms and back?

A: Personally, I like to feel a mild flush to know it's inside of me doing its job, but I don't turn too red. But, sometimes if I am stressed or if I know I have not been eating right, I want to feel that stronger flushing just to know that I have done a thorough job sweeping out those nasty blood toxins. This is really the fun part - you can be the judge on how aggressively you want to use the niacin, and how quickly you want toxins out of the blood. Whether a mild or strong flush, just know that it is working!

Always, the Best In Health,
Janet Hull

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