Aspartame Case History

City: Colchester, England;

Age: 52;

Sex: Female;

Aspartame Consumption: Over 20 years;

Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame: Yes;

Diet Products Used: Hermasetas, Canderal;

Do you use Equal: No;

Do your children use aspartame: Yes;

Are you aware of products not labeled sugar-free: Yes;

May we include your case history on website: Yes;

Do you want your information anonymous: Yes;

Referred by: Google.

Comments: From about 1983 my weight started creeping up despite cutting back on food. I started drinking diet drinks and used slimming products (meals, drinks, bars, etc). I'd lose a little weight, but then it would go back on. I joined a slimming class where massive amounts of sweeteners were in the recipes (ounces of the stuff - seven or eight tablespoons).

Within a short period of time I lost weight, but was miserable, tired, hungry, short tempered, and had headaches all the time. My memory and concentration were very poor; my mind felt "foggy" all the time. I developed tinnitus with periodic bouts of deafness, usually lasting only a few minutes at a time. My muscles felt weak, and it was difficult to lift anything or push against a wall (cleaning tiles in the bathroom). I found it increasingly difficult to climb stairs or get up off the floor. Eventually it got so bad I fell down stairs, spraining my wrist in the process.

My dad sent me an email about artificial sweeteners and the symptoms of toxicity. I had most of the symptoms. I stopped taking them immediately and am now vigilant about their presence in anything - even Hot Lemon medicines and cough sweets!

Within 3 days all the symptoms I'd had for years stopped. My muscle strength improved, I can now run and dance again and get off the floor easily. My memory and mental clarity have significantly improved and my headaches have gone. I've been sweetener free for three months now and the only symptom I have left is the tinnitus, but that is improving, so I hope to be free of it eventually. I can't believe how much better I feel now, and deeply regret how many years I've wasted feeling so hellish when it could so easily have been prevented. I'm trying to get the rest of the family off them now (I don't buy it, but they do have money of their own), as I do fear for their safety too.

- Regards from the UK

Posted November 2010 | Permanent Link

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