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Endometriosis in Children.

Q: Dr. Hull, my daughter, who is now 29, has endometriosis and has had it since she was 15. Now it is getting even worse. She is having laser surgery in few days. It is her 3rd surgery. Her doctor told her that she might have to have a hysterectomy if it keeps getting worse. So I was wondering if you could suggest something like vitamins, herbs, etc. that might help her. Will detoxing help to lessen the problem??

Thank you for your time.
A very worried mom.

A: Detox and the proper nutrients will absolutely help this situation, and yanking out body parts, no matter the age, does NOT address the core issue why this is happening and how to stop it.

Typically, endometriosis is an overgrowth of yeast, or at least it starts out as yeast at the root of the issue, and in warm, dark environments like the uterus, yeast will continue to advance its growth no matter what organs you remove; the scar tissue still remains and the yeast spreads all over that once the body is cut open. Yeast will spread anywhere it is, unless it is specifically addressed and its growth is stopped.

Get on the web and research Candida - this is yeast overgrowth. There are millions of women with it who have figured out how to control it without medical help - the AMA seems to not accept the reality that yeast indeed grows within humans. Maybe it's because they cannot patent a drug to rid the body of it so they don't recognize it nor spend much time fussing with it - no money to be made, I guess.

Yeast is very real, it definitely exists internally, and it is at the root of endometriosis, foot fungus and jock itch in men, and those chronic "yeast" infections in women. Once the yeast moves inside the cervix, it can go wild.

A special diet is paramount when yeast is internal. Remove sugars and yeasty foods, and NO diet sugar substitutes or food chemicals because they also contribute to yeast over-growth and to the acidic environment within the body in which it thrives.

Caprylic Acid kills yeast internally, as do apple cider vinegar, cloves and black walnut. Acidophilus keeps the gut strong and healthy. Nature's Sunshine has a good product called Caprylic Acid Combination. I sell an excellent product from my lab called YeastEx. Acidophilus can be found in liquid or capsule at any high end health market, and my lab makes a very good form of acidophilus called Alphadolphilus.

This will stop this run-away train, but know that after 14 years of this growing inside of her, it may take 1/2 that much time to completely remove it - 2 to 7 years. But, she should be able to keep her uterus and also have a normal feminine life. This is worth trying .....

One more thought for you and your daughter - imagine an aquarium or swimming pool, both abandoned for 14 years (like your daughter's uterus) yet now full of warm water and all kinds of microbes. The growth is horrific, but it can be repaired, slowly over time. Not with toxic chemicals that kill everything there, not by throwing out the baby with the bathwater, but by scrubbing the layers clean, layer by layer, using natural combatants to kill the yeast at the root while maintaining a healthy living environment.

It takes time, but it can be done.

Diet Drinks and Arthritis.

Q: Is there any reported connection of aspartame or sucralose with knee arthritis? I drink 1-5 diet drinks daily, and my knees have gone down hill tremendously. My doctor says the problem is sitting 10 hours a day at work. However, the more I read on these subjects, it makes me wonder if this could be part of my troubles.

A: Joint pain and shooting pains up the limbs are common complaints concerning aspartame and Splenda. Carbonated sodas ALL leach the body of bone nutrients, and they also supply the body with chemicals that are indigestible as opposed to natural drinks like pure water and juices. Where do those chemicals go? They deposit anywhere they find an opening - your joints are one of those places.

So whether a regular cola or diet, sodas rob the bones of much needed nutrients. The diet sodas contain toxic chemicals that are not assimilated by the body, and therefore circulate as elemental toxins. This in turn causes many health reactions such as RA, general joint pain, and Fibromyalgia.

If you remove the diet drinks for 4-6 weeks, take a quality vitamin and mineral supplement, and eat smaller meals of fresh foods, plus drink lots of pure water, I think your pain will dissipate, if not completely disappear. Then you'll know what was creating this health dilemma, no doubt.

You might want to get a hair analysis done in the near future, too, just to make sure other toxins aren't "hanging around" - mercury, lead or aluminum, for example. It would be prudent to Detox your body, remove all unnatural chemicals, and exercise more. Then you can identify the specific nutrients that a chemical diet has robbed from your body, nutrients that feed your bones like strontium and boron. Silica is also a good nutrient to restore bones, gums, hair, skin and nails. You have LOTS of healthy alternatives to choose from!

Hope this helps answer your questions.

The best in health!

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