Learn To Listen When Your Kidneys Do The Talking - Part 2

From The Always Listen To Your Liver Series.

Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones.

Water - Drink water, and lots of it.
This is Step Nine of my 10-Steps To Detoxification Program.


Water is important in keeping the body strong. Approximately two-thirds of the adult human body is water, but salt water. Humans drink fresh water, but we are actually saline. Simply taste a tear or a bead of sweat for its salt content. This is one reason why humans need to drink ample fresh water every day. It keeps the body's salt concentrations low, easing stress on the kidneys and cardiovascular pathways. Plus, the average adult eliminates approximately eight cups of water a day by sweating, urinating, crying and spitting. It is essential to replace what is lost.

Drinking lots of water and sweating during exercise helps eliminate toxins, too. And one thing's for sure, if you've been drinking diet colas or iced tea with aspartame (Equal®) or sucralose (Splenda®) all day every day, you have NOT been giving your body enough water. And if you are exposed to environmental toxins or radiation, having your body saturated with water will help eliminate those toxins quicker and more efficiently. So get into the habit of walking around with a bottle of water - all day long. You'll have more energy, feel better and feel full, and flush out toxins quickly.

Chief Oren Lyons of the Onondaga American Indian tribe stated in the book Wisdomkeepers, "One of the Natural laws is that you've got to keep things pure. Especially the water. Keeping the water pure is one of the first laws of life. If you destroy the water, you destroy life."

Eat 75% raw foods at every meal. - Eating raw is Step Eight of my 10-Steps To Detoxification Program.

If there's only time to grab quick food, keep lots of fresh vegetables, natural dry cheeses, whole-grain crackers, pickles, natural yogurts, Tofu, fruits and nuts, water and fresh juice on hand. You may have to shop more often because the "real stuff" spoils more quickly, but that's because it's loaded with enzymes and live nutrients and fewer artificial chemicals.

Basic nutrition doesn't need to be as complicated as food manufacturers and crafty marketing departments make it out to be today. Remember that fat-free this and sugar-free that and all the modern-day food fads and diet crazes are really nothing but marketing campaigns for lesser-quality chemical foods and drinks.

Manufactured foods are chemical foods filled with toxic fillers and preservatives. Don't fool yourself; most processed foods will get stuck in your body, especially in your kidneys and bladder while waiting to excrete.

All food passes through the same set of reactions, whether it's fast food or a raw carrot. WHAT the food provides is the issue. Always try to eat 75% foods rich in natural nutrients instead of chemical fillers and toxic by-products. Check out the pH Test Kit and Eating Chart for more info.

Kidney Beans - Kidney beans got their name for more than their shape! Kidney beans are an effective home remedy for kidney stones. I remove the beans from the skin and boil them slowly for six hours. I strain the liquid using a fine muslin cloth and cool them for about eight hours. I again strain the remaining liquid using another piece of muslin, without stirring. You can drink this liquid every two hours throughout the day for one day. Then you can repeat this a few times a week until you feel the stones are gone. You can refrigerate the liquid and reuse it over the following days, but for the best effect once the beans are boiled, the therapeutic factor dissipates after one day.

Celery - Raw celery can prevent future stone formation due to its natural fiber and water content.

Apples - An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apples have been known for centuries to prevent the formation of kidney stones. In countries where natural, unsweetened apple cider is a common beverage, cases of kidney stones are rare. You can also supplement with dried apple cider vinegar in capsule form daily, or drink a tablespoon of liquid apple cider vinegar dissolved in 1-cup water daily to prevent stones from forming.

Grapes - Grapes have a high content of water and potassium salt, low albumin and low sodium chloride content, all making grapes an excellent, natural diuretic and remedy for kidney stones.

Pomegranate - The seeds of the Pomegranate are the most beneficial for kidney stones. A tablespoon of the seeds ground into a fine paste eaten with a cup of broth or clear soup can dissolve sediments in the kidneys. Pure chicken broth boiled directly from the bone is the best to use.

Watermelon - Watermelon contains the highest concentration of water of all fruits. It is also rich in potassium salts, and is one of the safest and best diuretics used to help flush out kidney stones.

Basil - Basil has been known throughout history to have a strengthening effect on the kidneys. In you have kidney stones, you can drink one teaspoon each of basil juice and honey daily for up to six months.

Vitamin B 6 - Research has shown therapeutic success of vitamin B6 in the treatment of kidney stones. Supplementing with 100 to 150 mg of vitamin B6 in addition to a vitamin B-50 Complex offers a healthy nutrient support for the prevention of stones and the nourishment of the kidney itself.

Your Kidneys Are Talking To Ya'.

Get A Hair Analysis.
I recommend everyone have at least one hair analysis in his or her lifetime to "see" what your body is lacking or in need of, especially if you are suffering with kidney stones.

Having a hair analysis done is Step Three of my 10-Steps To Detoxification Program.

As I discovered through my personal disease recovery, I couldn't fight what I couldn't see. It wasn't probable that I would be able to cure my disease at the time if I didn't know the cause. So, if you are suffering with kidney stones, it is prudent to know what those stones are forming from - toxic metals like lead or copper depositing in your kidneys, artificial sweetener chemicals like chlorine, or high levels of calcium, sodium or magnesium deposited in the kidneys? Instead of guessing, determine the cause of the stones. Discovering the cause helps you know what to remove from your diet.

The hair analysis is the best "road map" to see a history of what's going on inside of your body. Drug and chemical residues within the body remain embedded in the protein of the hair as it grows, so this how the hair analysis works its magic.

Are you listening to your kidneys?

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