Learn To Listen When Your Kidneys Do The Talking - Part 1

From The Always Listen To Your Liver Series.

This week, I heard from friends, family and numerous clients ranging from 2 years to 52 years old, either in the hospital or at home in severe agony from kidney stones. Coincidence? Maybe it was a coincidence because I knew about them all, but not coincidental concerning the amount of toxins the kidneys have to filter out these days. I said years ago when Splenda, with chlorine, came onto the market, kidney and bladder troubles would increase. Well, there you have it!

One of the most prominent reactions to chlorine, when ingested, is bladder and kidney stress; it burns the inside of the tender organs, and when it remains in the kidneys and bladder awaiting excretion in the urine, it can damage those organs.

Today, many people work jobs where they cannot go to the bathroom often enough; schoolteachers are prime examples. So urine and sediments within the urine sit inside the kidneys and bladder far too long. Even with the increased popularity these days of drinking bottled water, most people still don't drink enough water to keep the body properly flushed of sediments. Ideally, the human body should run 1 gallon of water through its system everyday. Yes, I know - that means you have to go to the bathroom more often, and that doesn't fit in well with classrooms, office environments, air travel, traffic jams, or construction sites. Going to the bathroom often can even become a tad inconvenient when you work at home. But, urinating regularly is the way the human system is supposed to work. When the heart is pumping healthily, the average human being should go to the bathroom at least once every 20-30 minutes. For children and people with low body weight, that timing can be even more often.

And if you'll notice, your body naturally eliminates body fluids through urination more in the morning upon waking than later in the day. This is primarily due to the body's wastes having "collected" for disposal during the night - the time your body spends cleaning up waste and preparing those wastes for removal before the next active day of eating, drinking, and various digestive activities. I've written numerous times that your body has a "night-time cleaning crew" that sweeps-up and cleans all your tissues, blood, organs, and various storage facilities in the body. In the morning, your body dumps the trash!

When you urinate often, you decrease water retention and are less bloated, or should be, because the system is operating at a healthier capacity.

So drink more water and urinate more often. Babies do, small children do, and healthy adults do.

Learn to listen when your kidneys do the talking! When stones form and you experience their extraordinary pain, know that your miraculous kidneys are screaming at you, begging you to pay attention.

The kidneys are a pair of organs whose main function is to filter indigestible elements and various minerals from the circulatory system. These sedimentary secretions are passed from the kidney to the bladder and out of the body as urine. If some of the substances in the urine crystallize and grow, a kidney stone forms.

And, just what are kidney stones? Have you ever seen a dried creek bed or a drained lake? Notice the sedimentation and crystals deposited along the embankments, around the rocks and boulders, and on the shoreline where the water used to flow. These sediments are minerals and natural elements, like sodium, calcium, boron, and iron that were once dissolved in that dynamic water system. When the water is no longer flowing, the sediments drop out and deposit on the soil and rocks. These sediments form crystals when the water flow decreases, and this is what makes stalactites and stalagmites in caves.

When your body has sediments circulating inside it from elements found in food and water, pharmaceuticals, food chemicals and artificial sweeteners, your body can neither process nor digest these chemicals, so they remain inside you as sediments, all the way from your mouth to the toilet - if they make it to the toilet that is! It all depends on how well your "flushing" system works. The more pure water you drink every day, the better able you are to flush these sediments out.

So, let's look at the dried stream bed again. Your body becomes like that dried stream bed when it has more sedimentation occurring than hydration to push it out. Drinking chlorine (in Splenda) and formaldehyde (in aspartame), as opposed to hydrating your body with pure water daily, will create unnatural sedimentation in your kidneys.

Kidney stones are solid concretions or crystal aggregates of undissolved minerals in your urine, and they form inside the kidneys or bladder. While they are forming, you may feel pain, such as a slight twinge in your lower back or side. That's your kidneys telling you Knock Knock! - asking you nicely for more water to keep the sediments dissolved. But if you don't listen to your kidneys, the stones will crystallize even more and get larger. Your kidneys will now begin to speak louder by delivering more pain. If you still don't listen to your kidneys, then they start yelling at you with excruciating pain in your lower back, vomiting, and fever. Still not listening? Then a trip to the hospital typically gets the point across.

Kidney stones are actually pretty - they are mineral crystals that have the colors of the elements that form them. They glisten in the sunlight, reflecting the green of chlorine and bile, red from iron, white from formaldehyde, and yellow from potassium and radiation. But when allowed to form large crystals, 3 to 5 mm, they usually have to be surgically removed because they are much too large to excrete on their own and have little chance of naturally dissolving.

Common symptoms of kidney stones:
More common symptoms of kidney stones are severe pain first felt on your side and at the lower back, and sometimes the pain spreads to the groin and upper thighs. It is common to feel like you have to urinate frequently, but urination is painful and it burns, and there is not much urine present. When the stones become bigger and try to pass without success, nausea, vomiting, sweating, and chills typically occur. Some people pass blood in their urine when the stones are big and crystallization has become very hard.

Common causes of kidney stones:

  1. Diet
  2. Insufficient hydration
  3. White flour, processed sugar and sugar products
  4. Food chemicals/preservatives
  5. Artificial sweeteners
  6. Pharmaceuticals
  7. Hydrogenated oils and processed fats
  8. Imbalanced body pH
  9. Chemicals in meats
  10. Impure tea and coffee processed with heavy metals and chemicals
  11. Overeating
  12. Lack of vitamin A
  13. Excessive intake of vitamin D
  14. Cystinuria - a hereditary disorder

Who gets kidney stones?

Men are more prone than women, and around half of all people who have previously had a kidney stone will develop another one within five years.

Other risk factors include:

  • A family history of kidney stones
  • Being between 20 and 40 years of age
  • Taking certain medicines such as diuretics (water tablets), antacids, and thyroid medications
  • Having only one kidney or abnormally shaped kidneys
  • Eating a diet high in protein
  • Remaining dehydrated
  • Having poor mobility (e.g, being confined to bed)
  • Having a disease of the small intestine or a small-intestinal bypass

How can you prevent kidney stones or dissolve the one that your kidneys have just told you is there? The answers to these questions are in Part 2 of Learn To Listen When Your Kidneys Do The Talking.

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