Vitamin B6 Reduces Heart Attacks By 70%

By Joseph G. Hattersley

In my 1995 article "Vitamin B6: The Overlooked Key to Preventing Heart Attacks," the peer reviewed Journal of Applied Nutrition elaborates the mechanisms, including inflammation and thrombosis (catastrophic clotting) as gaining recognition as factors in coronary heart disease. This article also integrates the effects of vitamin B6 deficiency with its success in lowering insulin, along with Type 2 (adult onset) diabetes. Matthias Rath, MD and twice Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling, PhD both target many heart attacks to deficient levels of vitamin C and excess Lipoprotein.

Mainline medicine ignores my papers. Yet in the ensuing eight years, no one has refuted any error therein, as stated by Kilmer S. McCully, MD, in an email November 2002. Dr. McCully originated the homocysteine explanation of atherosclerosis. My paper partly explains the following results:

Over the years 1962 to 1992, thousands of people in East Texas supplemented with 50-300 milligrams of B6 daily under the guidance of John Marion Ellis, MD, Mt. Pleasant, Texas. He proposed no change in the lives of his patients suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with tenosynovitis, a form of degenerative arthritis whose symptoms accurately warn of high cardiac risk. He saw no need to exercise, stop smoking, or modify the diet; simply "take vitamin B6" , according to Ellis. A careful retrospective study of over more than ten years found Dr. Ellis' patients had 73% fewer chest pains and heart attacks than thousands of abstainers of vitamin B6; his patients lived seven to 17 years longer, and generally felt better.

Check out the entire article below:

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