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Hair Tests on Quackwatch

Q: Hello, I wanted to know if there are any more tests that have to be paid for after the initial hair testing, or if the follow-up test is included in the $180.

Also, are you familiar with this site listed below? Have you heard about quackwatch? I don't know what to believe. http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/hair.html

There is so much on the web that we want to believe in, but I don't know what to do. You are a reputable practitioner, so please forgive me for writing this, but can you give me your take on that site?

I really want to do this hair analysis, and my hair is thinning and has come out quite a bit and I don't know why. But I am on a strict budget and can't really afford the test, but I have to do something. Can you help? Do you think this site is quackery? I appreciate your time.

A: Thank you for your email, and thank you for your good questions and research into the hair analysis.

Yes, I am more than too familiar with the quackwatch site. Maybe its initial purpose was admirable, but you can see for yourself how this site has become a PR campaign steering people clear of alternative methodologies, anything "outside of the box", directing readers away from new ideas that do not support "the mainstream profit base of society." I am sorry to be so negative, but I have few positive things to say about the quackwatch site because what I have read is ludicrous information that has no value but to prejudice people.

Quackwatch seems very "fear-based." It's as if the former MD who runs it has a bone to pick with anything or anyone that isn't aside his mainstream agenda, and instead of opening new doors that might help people, he slams them shut too quickly and with intolerance.

My defense for the hair analysis has deep roots. The hair analysis is used as the bottom-line means to determine "cause of death" in courtrooms and murder cases, so why is it not considered accurate to determine "causes" of illness in the living? There is no reason to think otherwise.

One needs to have a background in toxicology to really work with tests like the hair mineral analysis because toxicologists and environmental engineers use soil, air and water analyses all the time to help pin-point the cause of environmental issues. Without tests like these, there is no way to determine why something is dying or off-balance. So, the hair test serves a similar purpose for the body. It is a wonderful tool for the living, and our lab is the best in the USA.

An important point to make where the quackwatch site is inaccurate, the hair analysis does NOT identify disease syndromes, but the CAUSES of many disease symptoms and/or diseases. Many times, disease diagnoses are merely reactions to toxins, and the disease may not really be there, as in the case of my false diagnosis of "Grave's disease" that was actually a reaction to aspartame.

So, for the websites that do not see the wonderful science behind the hair testing nor value the benefits it offers - I say they have a closed-mind and some sort of agenda.....

Let us know if we can be of future help.

The best in health.

Perfect Calcium Suitable for Seniors

Q: Is the perfect calcium suitable for seniors? I am 72.

A: Absolutely. I think the combination of the vitamins and minerals in the Perfect Calcium combined with the Trace Mineral Complex is the perfect balance of nutrients for the bones, nerves, and related tissues at any age.

Remember this: the body needs more than JUST calcium for bone health. Other elements are involved, such as strontium, cobalt, boron, silica, magnesium (1:1 ration with calcium, BTW), along with digestive enzymes to usher these nutrients into the bone and keep them there. The Perfect Calcium has all of this, and more!

Another 6.4 pH Question

Q: Your website states that 6.4 is the ideal body pH, whereas all other sites state that body pH is nearly a FULL point (100x) higher. Is your information a misprint, or do you have information unknown to the rest of the world? Thanks.

A: We get this question often because my pH information is unknown to the rest of the world. And yes, I dare to be different and I support ideas that definitely are "outside of the box."

Remember that perfect body pH is not an established nor proven premise. 7.0 pH is assumed to be the perfect body pH because it is the average pH for fresh water bodies. But the human body is NOT a fresh water body - it is saline.

I have written many articles about this that can be found in the pH FAQs section of my website. I also have written a very detailed pH
Balancing Manual with test strips
included for people interested in learning what their body pH reading is.

My pH knowledge base comes from my environmental toxicology work. This is where I realized that the average body pH should be between 6.4 - 6.6, NOT 7.0 - 7.4.

Another thought: you must consider the health damage that can result from forcing your body pH too alkaline. As in the environment, when a body is too alkaline, it dehydrates and sediments form. This is when kidney stones, gallstones, and hardening within the arteries form - the body is layering sediments that can harden in place because the acidic levels in the body are too low.

Now, I am not saying that an acidic pH is healthier - body pH levels below 6.4 - 6.2 can create a breeding ground for disease and microorganisms. So, I believe that the body's perfect pH range is between 6.4 and 6.6.

The best in health,

Janet Hull

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