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This month's Healthy Feedback comes from an aspartame colleague, Carol Guilford. She answered a gal who emailed her about her recent brain tumor diagnosis she suspects is due to her aspartame consumption. It's great aspartame feedback worth passing on:

To Carol:

Six months ago, I was diagnosed as having a Colloid cyst in the third ventricle of the brain. On the advice of my neurologist and neurosurgeon, we waited for six months before taking a "comparative MRI" brain scan to see if the cyst grew.

Six months later, it has grown. I am scheduled for surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York on November 14, 2007. In an on-line article originating from Memorial Sloan Kettering, the following states:
Risk Factors
. . . Head trauma, exposure to petrochemicals (chemicals produced from petroleum) and consumption of aspartame have been cited as possible risk factors, but no link between these factors and brain cancer has ever been confirmed. According to recent studies, cell phone use and the nonionizing radiation these phones emit are not risk factors for brain cancer.
Last Updated: Apr. 26, 2007
How interesting that aspartame is mentioned as a "possible risk factor", an incredible recognition from one of the most prominent cancer hospitals in the USA -- without actually stating it is indeed a factor. Regardless, I have used aspartame for over 20 years in large doses on a daily basis: colas, sodas, and 6 cups of coffee daily that contained the substance.

Weight-Watchers® proudly prints "Contains Aspartame" on it's low calorie sodas and yogurts. After a thorough search on the Internet, I was shocked to find the theories and studies backing the viability of brain tumors stemming from aspartame in general, and specifically those in the third and fourth ventricle, where mine is located.

My questions about my diet for the future directed to my neurosurgeon - should I live through the operation - will include, "should I continue to use aspartame?" The answer should be interesting (if I could only get him to put it in writing......)

From Carol:

Let me know if you get an e-mail promising a class action lawsuit against brain tumors in New Jersey and New York. Promises only; totally no action nor money is ever provided by KS, the initials of counsel.

In 1996, Dr. John Olney of Washington University in St. Louis proved (there was even a segment on "60 Minutes" about this) that aspartame caused brain tumors. Olney's credibility was media-blitzed.

Here's what I picked up on the web about your condition.

Brain tumors were the primary reason aspartame was initially kept off the market until Donald Rumsfeld called in his political markers to eventually get it approved (this is a very simplistic explanation).

Over the past 10 years, I have read thousands of cases of aspartame poisoning, including brain tumors, but your testimony is the first "Colloid cyst" (tumor) link to aspartame that I have read. Sadly, I expect to see more.


Carol is a LA-based writer and author of "The New Cook's Cookbook", "THE Diet Book", "Carol Guilford's Main Course Cookbook" and "The Easiest Cookbook."

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