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Insulin and diabetes

Q: I have heard that insulin has mercury in it. Is that true? I sure hope it isn't. It is taking more and more insulin, and my blood sugar is still over 300 most everyday. I take the Humalog® 75/25 and Novalog® insulin. Is there insulin that is close to being natural?

My stomach is so big I can hardly stand it. I have a lot of fluid on me too. And, getting worse. I weigh about 215 now. I know most of it is fluid. Every time I take my magnesium and vitamin C I get really bad diarrhea. I assume that is what is causing it.

I do not use any bad sweeteners. I use stevia at home and Sweet 'N Low® sometimes when I am out. I do not drink coffee, but do drink lots of tea. Lately I have mostly been drinking water hoping the diarrhea will stop. I think it is from the insulin, too. Don't really know anymore.

Thanks for any help!

A: I've never known insulin to cause diarrhea. My sister uses Humulin N and Humalog. But I would never recommend a certain brand because there are different kinds for different reasons. For example, Humulin is long acting, and Humalog, known as a "mealtime insulin", is very short acting, but there is another kind called R which is also short acting. Some people take just short acting, some take just long acting, some take both kinds. I do know that some insulins, Humulin N for example, is cloned (using recombinant DNA) from human insulin.

As for your weight gain, I really think you should have your thyroid tested. Remember, people should take Vitamin C until they have a loose stool, and then back off 50-100 mg until you can maintain a normal bowel movement. You may be taking too much.

Too much magnesium can create diarrhea. It seems your digestion is inefficient, as critical nutrients seem to pass right through you. Acidophilus is good to decrease the bloated tummy and IBS symptoms. It should be harmless to your negative health reactions, so it's worth a try.

On Insulin

Q: I'd like to learn more about childhood diabetes and whether or not you have ever heard of it being "cured." My son was diagnosed with Type I this summer and is on insulin.

A: Thank you so much for your email. I know there is research being done to transplant islet cells*. There are also some alternative medicines on the market, which claim to "cure" diabetes. However, until these methods are proven, one of the most beneficial things is removing diet sweeteners and other harmful food chemicals, such as MSG and food colorings, from you son's diet. Growing children need to drink plenty of water every day, and get balanced nutrients from whole, natural foods. Maintaining a healthy, chemical-free diet will help keep his blood sugar more stable and lessen the "need" for insulin as he grows older. This will reduce stress on his body and he will be stronger.

*Special groups of cells in the pancreas. They make and secrete hormones that help the body break down and use food. Named after Paul Langerhans, the German scientist who discovered them in 1869, these cells sit in clusters in the pancreas. There are five types of cells in an islet: beta cells, which make insulin; alpha cells, which make glucagon; delta cells, which make somatostaton; and PP cells and D1 cells, about which little is known.

The best to you and your son.

I Have Just Been Diagnosed Diabetic

Q: For a long time I have been drinking diet tonic, and I just discovered on the label that it contains aspartame and phenylalanine. After reading what you have to say about it, I have sworn off that drink, but am hoping maybe you have changed your mind since 2002, when this was published. I would like very much to go back to it, if you would approve.

A: Thank you for your email and the best of luck in your quest for health. Please read my latest book on Splenda, which includes some new research on the dangers of aspartame and ace-K, but please research the studies done in Europe on aspartame and cancer.

Unfortunately, aspartame has not gotten better for your health, and Splenda can stress your kidneys, so stay away from all chemical sweeteners and stick with what we know is best - natural sweetness of whole foods. This issue isn't going to go away until these products are off the market.

I think you will also find information on these sites valuable.

- Aspartame Sweetener
- Straight Talk From Diabetic To Diabetic
- http://www.splendaexposed.com
- Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet

Detox from Crystal Lite®

Q: I used aspartame off and on for years. However, I have been using Walmart brands and the store brand Crystal Lite drinks daily, which I drink (used to drink) in high quantities throughout the day. I also have a 10-year old daughter that drinks it as much as I do. We just stopped using it this week. I wanted to know what detox plan can my daughter do. Can she still use the vitamins and French Green clay but in a smaller amount? Also how much French Green Clay should be taken daily?

A: It is hard to recommend exactly what you and your daughter need nutritionally without doing a nutritional analysis, but generally the clays and natural vitamins are safe because they are quality forms of concentrated food nutrients. Your 10 year old can take 1/2 to full adult doses of the clay safely if she doesn't have extenuating circumstances I am not aware of.

Your consumption of the aspartame in powdered forms, such as Equal and Crystal Lite are very harmful to health and they create more demarcated health reactions due to such a concentrated form. Removing these products from your diet will improve health quickly. See if your health symptoms quickly disappear, and check all your labels for hidden aspartame and other chemical sweeteners.

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