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Dear Dr. Hull,

I have been an avid dieter for all of my life. I've gained and lost a number of pounds, and I've used aspartame-containing foods throughout the past thirty-some years I've been trying to lose weight.

I've noticed through the years some odd things that have happened to me. For instance, some 10 years ago, I decided to go on a very restrictive diet which involved a large intake of aspartame-containing diet drinks. I remember itching like there was no tomorrow! Of course, like many of my diets, I soon gave up and started to intake other non-aspartame containing drinks. The itching stopped.

Another time, I started dieting heavily, and increasing diet drinks, and I became unbelievably depressed--I'm not a suicidal type, but the thought occurred--quickly dismissed, but even that was so out of character.

I guess in retrospect, I'm lucky in that I'm not the most disciplined person, because "diets" didn't last that long, and long-term, highly excessive use of diet drinks didn't continue.

But, I was always a diet soda drinker. Have been for many years. But about a month ago, scary, really scary, symptoms started to occur. My armpits swelled up, my groin area was painful. I thought I had Hodgkin's disease.

I'm a medical reporter, and I know how to analyze and research symptoms. As I continued to think about my symptoms, I realized that they worsened when I was "dieting" and using aspartame or Splenda-containing beverages and foods, and they improved when I didn't. Soon after, I came upon the dangers of aspartame, and I got your book from the library. I also stopped drinking diet sodas, switched to natural foods and found I felt a whole lot better.

The swelling in my armpits and groin is better (not perfect, and flair-ups occur whenever I take in non-natural foods). But I figure if I can get such incredible results in less than a week, I'm on to the source of my troubles.

I am in debt to your research and book. I hope you are experiencing wonderful health, and I'm sure I will get mine back with some diligence and dedication in the near future.

In the meantime, I'm telling everyone I know to read your book. I'm also suggesting that they cut out aspartame for a week. It can't hurt, and it may just save your life. I know I feel a whole lot better, and I'll be spreading the word.

Thanks for your book, your insight and your courage.

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