Dynamic Case History

Name: Deanna Mozart
Aspartame Consumption: 12 years
Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame: No
Diet Products Used: Diet Pepsi
Do you use Equal: No
Do your children use aspartame: No
Are you aware of products not labeled sugar-free: Yes
May we include your case history on website: Yes
Do you want your information anonymous: No

Comments: Dear Janet: I was a consumer of Diet Pepsi® for about 12 years. It wasn't until around three years ago I began experiencing heart palpitations, but I shrugged it off to consuming too much caffeine. Exactly one year ago my so-called palpitations turned into what I now call "heart spasms." My heart would have a spasm that would last about six seconds. I would have these spasms throughout the day and I truly thought I would not make it "out" of them - they were horrific to me. I went to a Cardiologist here in Syracuse, NY who gave me an Echocardiogram, a treadmill stress test, I was injected with dye, and had a carotid artery test. All came back perfectly fine.

I informed the doctor that I consumed a lot of Diet Pepsi, and asked if it could be caffeine doing this? He said most certainly. He put me on a 30-day heart monitor. After the 30 days were up, I was told I have Ventricular Tachycardia (lower chamber) that was misfiring. The doctor stated that it was nothing to worry about, and prescribed me a Beta Blocker, telling me the obvious - stay away from caffeine and we'll see how the Beta Blocker works. Feeling helpless as I left the cardiologist's office, I went on with my daily life as usual. And as usual, I was still experiencing the Tachycardia; even though I had now switched to caffeine free Diet Pepsi. I felt like my life was truly in danger because these spasms were serious to me.

I got on the Internet and typed in Ventricular Tachycardia + Diet Pepsi. Dr. Hull, I almost dropped to the floor; truly, I could not believe what POISON I was consuming! I found your book about ASPARTAME. I truly was dumbfounded. I immediately stopped consuming Diet Pepsi. I feared for my life.

I must also say I discovered I was somewhat of a Diet Pepsi addict, drinking a 32 ounce bottle, or more, everyday. I found out that to just give this up was also hell. But I did it immediately. I bought Sparkling water and mixed it with Green Tea as my new daily drink. It took about 4 weeks to clear my system out, but after that I was a brand new
person! No more spasms whatsoever.

Now, I had one more final visit with this cardiologist to see how I was doing. I walked into his office with such a gleam in my eyes and told him I solved my illness! I gave him a 20-page printed report on ASPARTAME and the 96 symptoms related to ASPARTAME. He threw the report back to me and said, "Take this home with you. It was the caffeine that was your problem!!!!!"

I could not believe this doctor wasn't even willing to listen to me. I now preach to anyone I know drinking anything DIET to stop immediately! I also want to say that in addition to the Ventricular Tachycardia from the aspartame, I also had muscle weakness in my arms when I slept at night. That symptom went away immediately. But I have suffered a loss of hearing, of which I have not recovered. At the age of 43 years old, I shouldn't have a loss of hearing. But I blame it on the aspartame. Thank you for listening to my story.

Deanna Mozart
Syracuse, NY

Posted November 2006 | Permanent Link

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