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To: Dr. Hull
Subject: Spinocerebellar Ataxia

Q: I have recently been diagnosed with the incurable, hereditary disease called Spinocerebellar Ataxia - a premature shriveling of the cerebellum portion of the brain - causing immobility and imbalance (amongst many other symptoms!!). I have been investigating alternative "medicinal" procedures in the hope to at least retard this progression. It has been mentioned that I should start an immediate detox program. Is this correct? How can it benefit me? What area of "cleansing" should I concentrate on - this seems such a broad subject. Any literature I can get hold of??

Look forward to you guidance.

A: Look for the following supplements in your city/town. I recommend French Green Clay, Spirulina and Aloe Vera Juice to assist in eliminating any toxins that may be at the root of your health concerns, or at the very least, contributing to them and deterring health. Follow the directions on the bottles. These three supplements can be used to detox your body. These supplements should be purchased in their purest form (without any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners). This will be a good place to start. Also, regularly supplement with a multi-vitamin and mineral to support your immune system.

I suggest you investigate my detox program and hair analysis. Go to www.detoxprogram.net for more information. We ship the book from our offices or you can download it to your computer. Finding the root cause of disease and designing a detoxification program to eliminate toxins is an education, no doubt. I have provided a "textbook" of information to help you start on a road to wellness, providing answers you seek.

Good luck in your quest for health answers.

To: Dr. Hull
Subject: detoxing while on meds

Q: How does the Detox Program work while you're on medications? If I follow your plan, will I detox in stages? I guess what I'm trying to find out is will I be able to get off the medications (blood pressure, anxiety medication like Paxil CR®, etc.) eventually? I'm also on Nexium® for a small floating hernia. The blood pressure medication is to prevent migraines and slightly elevated blood pressure, and the Paxil is to help with Fibromyalgia symptoms. After reading your web site about FMS and the possible causes, I am interested in trying your detoxification plan but don't know what to do about the medications.

A: Check with your pharmacist to make sure the vitamin C and niacin will be safe to take with your medicine. The French Green Clay should not remove any medications, but it will remove the residual meds the body isn't uptaking. Many times if heavy metals are present within the body, medications will not assimilate properly, much like a lead shield blocks an x-ray.

I strongly suggest doing a hair analysis because it sounds like you have some toxins that may be accumulating in your tissues, and hence, creating the FMS symptoms and possibly preventing the meds from being effective. It is always a good choice to get answers. Go to www.hairanalysisprogram.com to investigate if this would be helpful to you in your situation.

To: Dr. Hull
Subject: niacin and liver enzymes

Q: I will be starting your detox program soon. Very excited about it. I was wondering though about niacin. I have had mildly elevated liver enzymes (ALT) for years and they are actually coming down since I changed my diet a year ago. They had been in the high 50s and as of last February, they were at 49, with normal between 5 and 42. Do you think I would be OK including the niacin in the program? I have reservation as to it increasing my ALT. Any info would be appreciated. Would you recommend a replacement for the niacin? I have all the other products ready to go except the niacin.

A: I appreciate your interest in my program, and feel it will only enhance your health as it has done for many, including myself. Your question about the niacin is most valid, and to some degree, correct. But, the niacin in small gentle doses will clean the blood without harming the liver. Liver damage does occur when: 1) too much niacin is taken, 2) when Flush-Free forms of niacin are used. These forms of niacin have been altered in the lab and can be quite toxic to the liver. B3 is found in the B-Complex in a small amount, and also in grains, nuts, and some red wines. I suggest taking only 50 mg and then see if the liver enzymes have lowered at your next blood test. Also, eat liver or take dissecated liver tablets to restore liver cells.

Just a word of caution: when taking herbal liver supplements, such as Milk Thistle, make sure you take them in interval time periods, and not for an extended period of time. Also, I have some detailed information that may be helpful about niacin and the niacin flush in my 10 Steps To Detoxification book.

To: Dr. Hull
Subject: time frame for a hair test

Q: Can you give me an indication of the time frame involved with the hair analysis?

A: The entire process can take up to two and half weeks. First, send us your hair, we register it in our database, and send it to the lab for processing. It can take up to five business days to run the analysis and send it back to us. Then, I generate an interpretation and mail a detailed report back to you.

We have made this easy for you to do on-line, which also saves time. Go to www.hairanalysisprogram.com for more information. The hair analysis is an awesome tool, and one that provides many answers to health questions.

To: Dr. Hull
Subject: Clayton College

Q: I found your name on the Clayton College website. I am wondering if you would be willing to tell me your experience there. Do you feel it well prepared you for the work you do? I would appreciate any insights you would be willing to offer. I am weeding my way through on this journey.

A: I think highly of Clayton College and recommend anyone that is interested in alternative nutrition studies to check out their program. Clayton cuts to the chase and doesn't waste your time when seeking the meat of progressive alterative health education. And yes, their courses have helped prepare me for all aspects in nutrition. I regularly use my textbooks as reference manuals.

Hope this helps. You can read more about my background on my new Web site JanetHull.com.

To: Dr. Hull
Subject: tuna. mercury, and pregnancy

Q: I miscarried twins in July of this year and just couldn't understand what had gone wrong. A few days ago, I read an article in a magazine saying how tuna and albacore have mercury in them and can be dangerous. While I was pregnant, I ate at least two cans a day of sardines and albacore. I also read an article in the newspaper today about the presence of mercury in our lakes and in our fish. Is it possible that my intake of mercury could have hurt my fetuses?

A: I can answer your question because I did, in fact, have mercury poisoning from canned tuna.

The only way to see if your body is holding mercury toxins is to perform a hair (or possibly) a blood analysis. I would recommend getting a hair analysis to see your chronic mercury levels, and if they are abnormally high, then it might be a possible cause for your miscarriage. View the analysis below and you will see how mercury levels can be through the roof!


It took about six months for me to balance out my levels, and the detox program removed the mercury in the sample hair analysis. http://www.detoxprogram.net

I hope this helps, and sorry to hear about your loss. Extract that mercury from your body and try again!!

To: Dr. Hull
Subject: toxins and hair loss

Q: Can toxins cause an itchy scalp and hair loss?

A: Absolutely. Arsenic, mercury, and aluminum are common metals that penetrate into the head. Microorganisms can also create hair loss. A detox program will be helpful, and readjusting your nutrients (adding Omega's and plant oils) will help, too. It might benefit you to have a hair analysis to see exactly what's going on inside your body before you invest your money in medications or supplements.

Good luck with this, and let me know if I can be of help to you in the future.

To: Dr. Hull
Subject: diet sweeteners and IBS

Q: I have a history of IBS & have had a bowel resection for diverticulitis (4 years ago). I have recently started chewing PK gum for a dry mouth. I only use about 4-5 pellets a day, but the bowel condition that I thought was under control using codeine each evening has suddenly gone haywire!

Until recently, I only had the rare occasional diarrhea if I ate the wrong things, but lately I get diarrhea for no reason whatsoever. Could this small amount of PK cause this?

A: Yes, a small amount of aspartame or sucralose found in Splenda can cause bowel irritation, according to the research and case histories such as yours. Aspartame is actually an ulcer drug, and Splenda contains chlorine, so both can irritate an already weakened situation. The best thing to do is get off all food chemicals, use ginger and natural oils (flax and fish oils), and use a digestive enzyme after meals. I recommend Wobenzym-N for your sensitive bowels, if you can find it locally or off the web.

Let us know if this helps.

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