Aspartame Case History

Name: Mike Johnson;
City: Castro Valley, CA;
Age: 60;
Gender: Male;
Aspartame Consumption: For years on and off;
Diet Products Used: Diet Coke, Diet fudge bars, Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi, aspartame gum, etc;
Do you use Equal: No;
Do your children use aspartame: No;
Are you aware of products not labeled sugar-free: No;
May we include your case history on website: Yes;
Do you want your information anonymous: No;
Referred by: Google

Comments: My physician was afraid to tell me this, but after another medical professional warned me last Monday about the effects of phenylalanine on joints, I took their advise: I quit using ALL aspartame and NutraSweet.

I had just been off NutraSweet for only 2 days, and my hip arthritis improved 50% or more! It is still getting better after 1 week now.

I will NEVER eat artificial sugar again in my life. I feel so much better.

I was drinking ~ 5-10 diet cokes a day because they are free at my office, (and Coke Zero was my favorite). The aspartame in NutraSweet and the phosphoric acid were wrecking my joints!

They should put warnings on this stuff!!!! I had NO IDEA until my 2-3 doctors warned me that phenylalanine was so bad for my health. I do not have PKU, I am pretty sure, but who knows if I carry the gene or not? Does anybody really know if they do?

I can walk upright again! - I was doing a Groucho Marx impression all the, it's funny, but it wasn't before I gave up the aspartame.

I have had this hip joint pain for ~ 10 years on and off, but I never traced it to diet soda consumption until this week. I also have lower back pain that seems to be better after giving up NutraSweet.

I use a little stevia now, but I have diabetes, and the medical pro also told me that most artificial sweeteners are bad for diabetics just like regular sugar is - the body responds the same to most.

I hope you will post this for other osteoarthritis sufferers!

Thanks, Mike Johnson

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