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Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge on the side effects of aspartame, as I have recently had some issues with this additive.

Unfortunately, I have suffered from Cervical and Thoracic Dystonia for about 7 years, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, anxiety and a couple other mood disorders related to chronic pain, Grave's Disease, tension and migraine headaches, high cholesterol, and most recently, a tumor in my spine that was removed, but turned out to be benign.

Due to the issues with my Dystonia and the physical effects and limitations I must live with, over the years I have put on extra weight. I eat very well, and I have been on a very nutritious, low cholesterol diet for many, many years, mainly because I came from a family history of heart issues.

Recently, I had the spinal surgery to have the tumor removed from my spinal canal, and unfortunately, I put on additional weight. So, I switched my soda consumption over to "diet", which was mostly aspartame, and I started to notice issues.

At first I just assumed it was something else because I rarely, if ever, feel good, so I have accepted that being in pain is a part of life. What I began experiencing was different, though, and the headaches were not like my normal tension or migraine headaches. Everything seemed to be quite different from what I am used to. I monitor my blood pressure, and it has risen quite substantially again since I started using aspartame.

I understand that the additional pain from the surgery can have an effect on blood pressure, but I am feeling better now, and my blood pressure is still going up to around 150/100 from 115-120/75-80.

I explained the situation to my wife, and she quickly suggested that I do a bit of research on aspartame due to the recent "soda change." She was right on.

What I found quite significant is that just a couple of days before I found your site, I explained to my wife that I felt like I did before I was actually diagnosed with Grave's Disease. Since that diagnosis, I underwent the "Radioactive Iodine" destruction of my thyroid gland, and am now on synthroid with regular blood tests required every 3 months or so.

I have only used aspartame for a short time, and as of today, I got rid of anything that had aspartame in it. I began drinking lots of water and using the other Detox steps that you describe.

Thanks for making this information available online, as I was actually going to go see one of my doctors if the symptoms continued, but there are too many similarities between your descriptions and the time frame of my circumstances for it not to be the recent aspartame keeping me from feeling better.

Have a good day and thanks again.

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