Aspartame Investigations

Are they really opening an investigation on aspartame's dangerous side effects in England? It appears so, and it's about time.

Anyone "in the know" has known since the late 1960s that aspartame is a dangerous food toxin. Actually, I can rephrase that to say that anyone "in the know" has known since the late 1960s that aspartame is a dangerous drug.

Aspartame has a very convoluted history, and what you read on the Internet and in my book Sweet Poison about the history of aspartame is true. Aspartame was originally in the lab beakers at GD Searle Pharmaceuticals being tested as an ulcer medication. It happened to be "sweet", and with some good marketing and by switching the FDA paperwork from "drug" to "food additive", aspartame came onto the American food supply as a "sweetener." It is still an ulcer drug, though. THAT didn't change.

The original independent research done by scientists in the late 1960s and early 1970s proved in numerous ways that aspartame was a dangerous chemical to ingest. It caused grand mal seizures in monkeys, it ate holes in the brains of lab mice, and it resulted in fetal deformities in guinea pigs.

When research scientists see these types of results in their lab animals, they do not forget it! Would you? And a responsible research scientist can't publicize these types of research results fast enough. Warning manufacturers and the FDA of their findings, and expecting the cause of such damage to be removed from products going public is merely being responsible. But sadly, aspartame was approved and put into the public food supply anyway.

Can you say "the politics of greed?" And, at YOUR expense???

So, here we are decades later, still trying to get the truth about aspartame public. It has been a long struggle for those of us who have participated in the research or have been victims of aspartame poisoning. It is inescapable, however, that the dangers of aspartame cannot be kept from the public forever. The truth will come out. As more and more people fall victim to its toxic effects, and as communication continues to triumph because of the Internet, people around the world are now comparing notes and figuring out that aspartame is at the root of their health concerns, their children's behavioral disorders, and their chronic disease syndromes.

Hat's Off to the UK for revitalizing the battle to disclose the truth about this sweet poison.

Following, you will find some of the recent research buzz from the UK.

Sweetener aspartame to be investigated for possible side-effects

Sensitivity to aspartame probed

Study Underway On Whether Aspartame Affects Sensitive People

This article has a corporate spin to it, but it serves to show that this issue, which SHOULD be fairly elementary, is a product of the politics of greed.

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