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Aspartame Disease
Dear Dr. Hull, I have two questions, how long did you have aspartame poisoning before you had a near fatal experience? How did you determine the cause to be aspartame? Thank You.

A: I was ill less than one year. I got progressively worse, week-by-week. As a toxicologist and environmental engineer, I was cued to toxins creating imbalances in the environment. I realized that my body's environment was no different. So, I set out to find the toxin making me so ill. The only thing - the ONLY thing - different over that one-year period was my use of aspartame in NutraSweet, which I just started using for the first time in my life.

After carefully scrutinizing my diet, I decided THAT was the toxin behind my illness. I removed it, detoxed, restored my depleted nutrients, and within one month I was back to normal. It did take almost one year to get all the way back to perfect health, but I did it with no meds, no surgeries, and nothing harmful or unnatural.

I then began researching aspartame (I was a college professor at the time) and I discovered the truth behind this artificial sweetener. I was appalled at what I uncovered, and I wrote my first book, Sweet Poison, as a way to teach others about this toxic chemical and how to restore health after using it. I have been writing about this issue ever since!

Kind Regards.

Stevia Safety
I have read about aspartame and Splenda... but is Stevia a safe sweetener?

A: Yes, pure stevia is safe. The corporations are now adulterating it away from its original state (see my newsletter article in the archives where I have written about this), but if you buy all natural forms of pure stevia, it is a great sweetener.

I also wrote about the history of stevia in my book, Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? You might want to check that out.

What To Do About Blood Pressure

Q: Can I prevent high blood pressure using just nutrition or should I start on meds?

A: It is hard for me to say whether to get on BP medicines or not. I don't recommend starting meds when you can still try other alternatives, because once you start on meds, people typically never get off them, and that can prove toxic in the years ahead.

If you continue to exercise, lose weight, and stay calm and allow your body to relax more, this may turn your health concerns around naturally and in time, solve your future concerns. And stay on the proper nutritional supplements, too, like the Livertone, niacin and magnesium.

Diet, exercise, weight, and natural health are critical to maintain, even if you do start the BP meds. This is one thing people do not do when they start drugs - it's too easy to slip back into bad habits and allow the meds to make up for those bad habits. This is a mental (and physical) trap that many Americans have fallen into. Lifestyle changes and true health come from efforts to maintain natural controls for things like BP. Meds typically rearrange the brain's neuro-pathways to unnatural connections, which in turn, ends up destroying the body's natural ability to take control of issues like high BP.

Rent the DVD "What The Bleep: Down The Rabbit Hole" to learn how this works. Reprogramming the belief that you can mentally influence your old ways of thinking and believing is a real deal concerning personal health; it's a thought concept that we are not taught, though, and a standard of personal control and influence that many people do not know about.

The best in health.

FGC and Good Nutrients
Hello Dr. Hull. Thank you for my hair report. I do have one question, when doing the clay to detox heavy metals from the body....... does it also absorb essentials like iron, etc. ?? So would you need to supplement, if that were the case ?

A: The body typically assimilates nutrients within 45 minutes of ingestion (one reason "time-released" elements are so toxic to the liver) - if the body can't use a nutrient within 45 minutes, then it either 1) doesn't need that element, 2) you took too much and these are the leftovers, or 3) it is unable to process that element or chemical for various reasons that, in turn, need to be explored.

So, if the iron has not been assimilated and is a leftover floating around your blood, then the FGC will sweep it out. But it will not rob your body of any nutrients your body is actively processing, and if you take the clay at a time when you are not eating or taking your vitamins, it has a quicker response time to reach the toxins. This is one reason I suggest taking the FGC on an empty stomach; it removes what's hanging around, unused. If you take the FGC with food, it will simply begin removing the toxins in that food.

The clay will only remove what the body has not processed and used; therefore, if the body has residual iron that is not being assimilated, then, yes, the clay will move that out of your system. The clay cleanses the system of the dregs (leftovers) the body has not used up, and this opens spaces for new, incoming nutrients.

Hope this helps.
Wishing you the best in health,
Janet Hull

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