Aspartame Case History

Two years ago I began breaking out with hives, whelps and Angioedema (itching relentlessly), memory loss, and ringing/buzzing in the ears. I went to the doctor numerous times, but all he did was attribute all my symptoms to food allergies, which I never had before, by the way. I began eliminating certain foods and reducing my intake of Diet Coke, but I never eliminated it completely. My symptoms subsided with the elimination of some foods, but I would have "flare ups" every now and again. I realize now that those "flare ups" occurred when I would drink 2 or more Diet Cokes a day.

Earlier this year, I began having symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. I could barely walk and it was extremely painful to put my feet on the floor. The doctors ran extensive tests on me and said my levels of inflammation were extremely high. They diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis. Since I am allergic to sulfa drugs, they wanted me to take a low dose of a chemo drug to treat the symptoms. I refused to take the drug and opted to treat the problem with a life style/diet change. I stopped my intake of Diet Coke, I cut out anything white (rice, potatoes, sugar, bread), and basically, I got back on a sugar-controlled program - but without turning to the diet sweeteners as the solution.

Since eliminating the Diet Coke and adjusting my diet, I have not had any issues with rheumatoid arthritis, hives, or ANY of my past health symptoms. And, I lost weight, which I feel the Diet Cokes were a contributor to my weight gain and inability to lose it.

Someone sent me an article on aspartame poisoning and I decided to research this further, which is how I came upon your website. Since reading about this issue, I am completely eliminating all aspartame and other chemical sweeteners from my diet, and I intend to detox my body.

For several years, my mother has been trying to tell me how bad aspartame is for your body. I wish I had listened to her sooner. After my dead end with my doctors and the bad medical advice they were giving me - chemo drugs??? - I now realize that good health is up to the individual and not their doctor. And have you paid attention to the side-effects of some of the drugs marketed for RA? One of the side effects is cancer!

I am a believer in "healing thyself" and not making the doctors and pharmaceutical companies any richer while they slowly kill me with all their drugs. If people would make these healthier diet and lifestyle changes, they would find themselves much healthier and a lot richer! Thanks so much for your research and for getting the word out. I intend to share this with everyone I know who drinks diet anything sweetened with aspartame.

When I think back to growing up and what we DIDN'T have back then, like the over abundance of fast food places, aspartame and soda machines everywhere, we ate from homegrown gardens, fresh meats, and were all much healthier and skinnier. My parents and grandparents did not nearly have the health issues that we do today. I attribute our rampant obesity, epidemic illnesses, etc. to the fast and convenient lifestyle.

I have healed a diagnosed disease condition that almost put me on chemo drugs that actually cause cancer. All this time, unknown to my doctors who should have know better, I had aspartame poisoning.

From Dr. Hull:
This is a very dramatic and important case history. It describes an indisputable reaction to aspartame and a perfect example of how the medical community is grossly falling behind the times, specifically concerning the dangerous health effects of aspartame.

Aspartame is a known toxin, and the medical field, above all organizations, should be interested in how/why aspartame creates explicit health reactions that damage human health. Sadly, it's the politics of greed in cases like this - it is too easy to get patients hooked on expensive drugs for their lifetime as an easy solution to their health dilemma. It's a win-win situation for the doctor who has too little time to spend with each patient, and it's a lifetime of annuities for the pharmaceutical stockholders who cash out on the filling of yet another long-term prescription. I never used to be so jaded, but as I read hundreds of emails every day like this one, I continuously lose faith in the apathy and ignorance saturating the medical community concerning aspartame and it's proven health dangers. With the human carnage this known toxin is leaving behind, emails like this one are all too common.

As a responsible consumer, it is not uncommon to take your future health and wellness into your own hands and leave the medications in the ER and critical care units. Modern medicine does not prevent disease nor offer cures anymore. American medicine has fallen as far behind the times as our public education system has. If our leaders, like the medical practitioners and legislators, don't do something about aspartame, modern societies will have a very bleak road ahead.

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