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Comment: High in calcium

Q: I have started your French Green Clay daily, as well as the vitamin C and B-Complex, but I am afraid to take the calcium because it is in the toxic column of my hair analysis. Do I take it anyway, or wait?

A: If you have not been taking mega-doses of the wrong kind of calcium, then the calcium is high on your hair analysis primarily because your digestion is compromised, and that is primarily due to toxic metals in your body. Calcium cannot be properly assimilated into the bone and tissues when metals are high in the bloodstream. Minerals might be able to get to the bone, but are not able to stay there. Calcium typically excretes rather than deposit inside the needed cells. A digestive enzyme is required to help keep calcium in the bones, as well as the other bone nutrients that work with calcium, such as boron, silica, magnesium, and strontium.

It is important to take this blend of bone nutrients to keep "feeding" your bones while you rid the body of harmful metals and improve the effectiveness of your digestion.

Comment: High on the hair analysis

Q: So many of my essential elements are on the high side of the hair analysis chart, showing I am toxic in them. I am concerned about taking the trace minerals. Same question. Do I or don't I?

A: If the elements on your hair analysis are on the high side, they may not all be toxic. It depends upon the element. Copper, chromium, zinc and lithium are toxic when too much is in the body, but many of the others, such as calcium, may not considered as harmful when they are high.

Look at your high levels of elements this way: if you are high in an essential nutrient because you are supplementing with too much of that particular element (let's say calcium), then stop using the supplement as your body is overloaded because you are taking too much. But, if you have not been taking that vitamin supplement, or your body has not been digesting and assimilating the supplements properly, then the element is leaving your system without processing, and it is excreting directly into your hair, skin and nails without the body receiving any benefit from it.

Primarily, this suggests your digestion is inefficient, and as you are learning, digestion is more than in the stomach. Most nutrients need to be inside your body - not in your hair. So supplementing with a natural and balanced combination of needed nutrients is important.

Have you ever watered a plant planted in bad soil? The water runs off and doesn't penetrate into the soil, reaching the roots of the plant. You may water the plant, yet it still dies due to dehydration because the water could not reach the roots.

Same with nutrients inside your body.

Comment: My blood pressure meds

Q: I take two blood pressure medicines (Clonidine® and Labetalol®) 4 times a day. My doctor said she knows about niacin, but she is a bit uninformed about the details. She says she has medicine to stop the niacin flush. I told her I thought I needed to flush. Would you chance taking niacin with this much blood pressure meds?

A: The meds your doctor wants to give you to stop the niacin flush are toxic to your liver. You must flush to know exactly how much niacin you need, and to determine where the toxins are inside your body. Remember, most AMA docs are not trained in nutrition, and yours obviously is one of them - a med to stop the flush!!?? How utterly dangerous to the liver and a show of nutritional ignorance.

On another note: it is very important for you to start with taking low levels of niacin due to your medications. But more importantly than anything, you need to know if you are taking too much niacin in relation to too much medication. The flush will tell you this.

Comment: Cooking with stainless steel or titanium

Q: I have heard reports that say not to cook in stainless steel? What do I cook in, then? We have titanium cookware.

This brings me to another question. The titanium level in my hair report shows I am really toxic in titanium. Is this caused by the cookware? Where do we get titanium?

A: Use Revere Ware and stainless steel cookware, for sure! Stainless steel is a fine source of cookware, so I don't know why someone is reporting it is not. I know the non-stick pans are not safe to use, as the coating is toxic, and when it breaks down, it emits toxins. Please use stainless steel or glass.

Titanium is a toxic metal, but because it is less toxic in small amounts, manufacturers think it is safe to use. The point they don't consider, is the total amount of titanium a person may be exposed to in one day is really high - titanium is found in your medications, cereals, processed foods, cookware....it is everywhere. I say avoid it whenever possible.

Comment: Well water

Q: We have well water. I just put in a purifier to make our own drinking and cooking water. I also purchased a unit from Sharper Image® to wash fruits and veggies, and I buy meat without pesticides, hormones, and other chemicals. Are these good choices or would they be possible causes of other toxins?

A: I would test your well water. If the well is deep and doesn't pick up ground surface pollutants, then I would use the well water with thanks!! You are blessed to have a natural well - just check for inorganic elements from manufacturing, pesticides, etc that run-off into your groundwater. Otherwise, drink and enjoy!

Sharper Image makes a good product. Just remember to clean the filters (if any) as often as recommended. One problem people have with filtered products is they don't clean those filters often enough and toxins build up.

Comments: Sleeping problems

Q: I am having a terrible time going to sleep. I am coming off Sinement® (a Parkinson's medicine) on my own accord. I have been off for 2 weeks, and I have had very little sleep coming off the meds. Do you know of anything that could help, as I am pretty tired and sleeping in the morning when the restless leg feelings are less. I have also been detoxing, and think I am starting menopause.

A: This can be a combination of the meds, hormones, and detoxing. Don't stress over turning your health around. Celebrate it - every ache and pain!!!! Remember when coming off medications, the body has probably become "addicted" to them, so wean off slowly and have something to replace those meds with - such as vitamin supplements and whole foods and teas. The body doesn't know the difference between a medicine or a vitamin - it just knows something is in-coming and it must process it. Give your body all the natural elements it can feed from, opposed to toxins from unnatural meds that will only make the body sicker over time.

Give this time, and try to meditate and relax more to secure more sleep.

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