Children Revved-up and Wild on Aspartame

We love to hear from our readers, and we have case history forms on our websites for you to share your personal experiences with aspartame, Splenda and the other chemical sugars flooding our public foods. There is a pattern in the reaction children have to aspartame and diet chemical sweeteners - a pattern of harmful physical and negative emotional reactions occurring within 15 to 20 minutes after use. Read on...

The chemicals in diet products are no doubt toxic, and the rise in the number of childhood diseases and mysterious health symptoms are proving to us, the public, that the use of artificial chemicals in a child's diet disrupts normal development both emotionally and physically, especially before and during puberty when the human hormones have not yet fully developed.

As a parent, grandparent or guardian, you'll be one of the first to notice health and behavioral changes in your children. Children are reacting to artificial sweeteners in harmful ways, but this aspect of the sweetener industry has gone unnoticed in the mainstream health community. And the sweetener corporations market to children; placing soft drink machines in public schools, and influencing doctors and pharmaceutical reps that diet sweeteners don't cause abnormal behavior and emotional stress in children - they are told they simply need more meds to control sudden changes in behavior and health. When you have exhausted all the other reasons for your child's poor health or mental/emotional problems, then diet chemicals should be seriously considered as the blame!

Transitions into aggression, crying and stubbornness blocking any hope of reason followed by erratic behavior with no foundation or logical cause are common reactions children have to aspartame. One of the most marked aspartame reactions you will notice in children is a swelling in their veins. Watch how the veins begin jutting out of their necks shortly after ingesting aspartame. Then witness advancing phobias, and watch how a child will start screaming at their friends or siblings with fanatical accusations like "stop making fun of me", or "stop teasing me, 'poopie-head'." Have you ever witnessed a child obsessing over insecurities for what appears no reason; but they happen to be chewing sugar-free gum with aspartame or sipping a diet cola? Sound familiar?

How many times have you witnessed this scene in the mall, at the public pool or park, in a restaurant or anywhere diet drinks are available?

The following is a comment from our questionnaire on submitted by a concerned mother whose 5-year-old daughter had a bad reaction to aspartame for the first time:

Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame: Yes
Do your children use aspartame: Yes
Are you aware of products not labeled sugar-free: No
May we include your case history on our website: Yes

Comments: "We went to a kid's festival yesterday and my daughters were thirsty, but they had run out of bottled water. The only options were Diet Pepsi® or Diet Sierra Mist®, so I chose the Diet Sierra Mist. Three hours after ingesting the soda, my daughter started complaining of stomach pain and a headache. Forty-five minutes later, she began running a fever of 101.9 degrees, and was up countless times in the middle of the night vomiting. She awoke this morning in great spirits; a different child from yesterday. It just hit me that aspartame could be the cause. Both kids ate and drank the same things, so I knew it wasn't food poisoning, just aspartame poisoning."

The sweetener corporations seem unaware that their products may be harming people, especially children. Actually, the manufacturers of both aspartame and sucralose claim their sweeteners are virtually perfect and incapable of any negative side effects. (This is unrealistic for anything.) They seem to disregard the millions of consumers who experience bad reactions to the chemicals found in these sweeteners. Consumers, on the other hand, know what they experience, especially in the case of a parent witnessing sudden changes in their child's behavior.

Another case history from one of our readers:
Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame: Yes
Do your children use aspartame: No
Are you aware of products not labeled sugar-free: Yes
May we include your case history on our website: Yes

Comments: "The other day I was at the public pool with my daughters. I always notice when other children are using aspartame products because I know how bad their behavior gets, and I don't want my daughters around them. Every time we go to the pool, I see kids using aspartame and Splenda. One day last week, a little boy was chugging down a diet cola (it was about 102 degrees F outside). Within a few short minutes, I watched this little boy turn from a laughing and smiling kid 'playing at the pool' into a tense and paranoid little boy who started screaming and yelling at the kids he had been happily playing with just minutes before.

The veins in his neck began to stick out and swell, and he started yelling at the kids around him. He was accusing them of being unfair and mean to him, and he threatened to throw them into the pool if they didn't 'shut-up.' He completely ruined the playful mood all around him, and the children he had been swimming with all left."

When using artificial sweeteners, it is common for health reactions like this to appear out of nowhere with no medical explanation. When chemical food additives are removed from the diet, the symptoms typically disappear. I have personally witnessed too many of these "anecdotal" case histories disregarded by medical doctors, ignored by the product manufacturers, and filed away by government agencies who are supposed to protect the public.

It is time individual safety is placed above corporate profit. We must all persist in speaking out against artificial sweeteners to protect human health, especially for the sake of a child.

If your child consumes a diet product with aspartame (or any other popular chemical sugar substitute for that matter), and you see the veins popping out of his or her neck, stop what you're doing, give them some pure water or juice, and go for a walk to get the poisons out of their system as fast as possible. Isolate them from crowds and other children if they begin bickering with others, and watch how fast they return to normal once these toxic food chemicals exit from their fragile little bodies.

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