Aspartame and the Olympics

When I received a phone call from a young man named Justin Dumais, I thought I was talking to an average young man who had just been diagnosed with a mystifying case of Grave's Disease. He had researched his diagnosis on the Internet, and had discovered my website As in my own diagnosis of Grave's, Justin was in excellent physical shape at the time of his diagnosis and had no history of health problems - at all - yet suddenly found himself in the doctor's office with a racing heart rate, lethargy, debilitating headaches, restlessness yet chronic fatigue, sleep apathy, moodiness, vertigo, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, and depression.

Justin refused to accept his diagnosis because he had always been in top physical condition. He knew there was a reason for his baffling illness, but no medical professional could help him. They could only recommend destroying his thyroid gland, leaving him dependent on medications to stay alive.

"I want to be a pilot," he told me. "I am trying to get on with The National Guard, and a diagnosis of Grave's Disease will destroy my chances. Can you help me?"

"You bet I can! Let's talk," I replied.

Justin had been drinking Diet CokeĀ® regularly, but before now, he never considered aspartame as the cause of health problems. Then he read a copy of my book, Sweet Poison, and immediately stopped using anything containing aspartame. Justin didn't drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or take any medications, and he worked out everyday. This modest young man told me later that he was training for the 2004 Olympics. This 26-year-old athlete and his brother Troy were an Olympic diving team. And now this Olympian was diagnosed with an incurable thyroid disorder, with no known cause or cure, rare in men, and even more rare for a man in his twenties.

Justin trained an average of six to ten hours every day for the Olympic Trials. He was getting progressively more tired every day, and his workouts were becoming a strain. He was feeling unstable when on the high dive, and no longer had the perfect precision he took pride in. What was happening to him, he wanted to know. Why was this disease attacking to a young, healthy Olympian? After he read about my similar experience with aspartame, he found his answers!

Justin began the 10 Step Detoxification Program, removed all aspartame from his diet, weaned himself from his prescribed medication, and after six weeks, his Grave's Disease was gone. His energy had returned within days, and his vertigo and dizziness on the high dive were history. Justin became his old self again, went on to win the Olympic Trials, and was off to Athens to compete in the 2004 Olympics.

Justin overcame a puzzling thyroid disease in time to finish sixth in the 3-meter springboard at the Athens Olympics, and finished third in the 3-meter synchro with his brother Troy in the June 2005 World Championships. "If I'd never found you, Dr. Hull, and figured out that aspartame was making me dizzy and weak," Justin told me, "I would never have been able to dive in Athens. Aspartame almost cost me the Olympics."

Completely aspartame-free, Justin, like me, never had Grave's Disease - we both had "aspartame disease," a harmful reaction to the toxins in aspartame. Once all aspartame was removed and its toxins gone, Justin's health returned to normal within a few weeks, as was my recovery experience. Justin's doctor remained open-minded to Justin's recovery, and noted in his medical records that his diagnosis was incorrect, and was not "Grave's." Now Justin's dream to be a pilot could be granted, and in the summer of 2005, Justin retired from diving to fly for the National Guard.

Completely healthy and aspartame-free, Justin cured an incurable disease he never really had. Aspartame almost cost this athlete his Olympic medals and a career as a pilot. Thanks to his courage and his independent thinking, Justin Dumais proved to himself, other Olympians, and to the National Guard that he never had "Grave's Disease" - merely a bad case of aspartame poisoning.

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