Let's Talk pH

Did you know that is difficult to really know the perfect ratio of acid and alkaline forming foods because your pH balance is altered by:

  1. chewing,
  2. food preparation,
  3. lifestyle,
  4. genetics,
  5. exercise,
  6. your mental outlook.

Did you also know that people who are prone to infections, viruses, excess mucus problems, and toxic (acidic) conditions generally need to increase an alkaline diet?

Do you know what your body pH is?

One of the most important processes in your body is the process by which the pH is maintained, and perfect pH balancing is an art.

In a healthy person, the saliva pH may be slow to change, but when it does change, it can be equally as difficult to bring it back to normal. The saliva pH can be indicative of the pH of the blood, liver bile, pancreatic fluids, and the intestinal tract. If your saliva is highly alkaline, it may be a sign that the enzymes in the lower intestinal tract are too alkaline. This can create an issue with keeping your weight under control (typically weight gain), it can cause lower bowel gas, inefficient metabolism, and internal energy loss. A large spread between your saliva and urine pH can create even more intestinal gas, energy loss, and stress.

If your urine pH is acid, along with an acidic saliva pH reading, you may have a fast digestive action. This can create the tendency toward gastric or duodenal ulcers, colitis, and loose stools. Research indicates a correlation between degenerative disease and an acid saliva pH.

An acid body pH can mean that the food you eat may be passing through your digestive tract very quickly in order to keep from irritating the walls of your intestines. The time normally allotted for the absorption of minerals and vitamins may be greatly decreased, and as a result, you may not get the proper energy out of the food that you eat. This can create the need to eat more, which can result in unnecessary weight gain.

On the flip side, the more alkaline your pH travels, the weaker the digestive juices become. You may not be getting the proper energy from the foods that you eat because your body's digestive enzymes are too inefficient to break down the food for easy assimilation. This can be the beginning of nutritional problems, as well.

High alkaline body pH levels encourage upper body issues such as asthma, allergies, and sinus problems. Colon problems such as chronic constipation occur in alkaline environments.

Eating a meal that's right for your individual body type should produce marked and lasting improvements in your energy, your mental capacities, and in your emotional well-being, leaving you feeling well-satisfied for several hours.

For more information on body pH and the foods right for your body type, check out my booklet on a nutrition and diet regimen designed to balance your pH at www.janethull.com.

Balancing your pH maximizes energy and boosts immunity.

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