What To Expect From Your Detox

Have you ever driven by a landfill or a sewer on a hot day, or been in a room where something died within the walls? It has a distinct rancid odor, wouldn't you say? This isn't the most pleasant thought, but when you have rancid chemicals such as heavy metals, parasites, bacteria, or yeast within your body that have been trapped for weeks, months, or even years, it's going to have a rotten odor when you remove it. As you detox your body, you may experience this unpleasant odor in your stools and/or from your pores, and you might need to take more than one shower or bath each day until you have purged these toxins. You may also experience headaches or initial flu-like symptoms as you remove toxins from your body.

I receive numerous emails every week with detoxing concerns from people feeling worse as they begin to pull toxins outside of their bodies. Some people think the detox program isn't working for them, and some have gone to the ER thinking they were making themselves dangerously worse.

Initially feeling worse when detoxing should not discourage you in the least; if anything it should encourage you to press forward with an effective detox program. Feeling worse usually means the detox is working. If you are hosting rancid chemicals within your body, you must get them out! You'll know they are gone when the body odor is gone, when your bowel movements are odorless and float in the toilet, and when your urine is clear (with the exception of taking the B-Complex vitamins, which stain urine yellow). You will know that toxins are gone when you sleep better, and when your energy level is up. Focus on the tiniest improvements as your goal, and stay consistent with the discipline of driving the impurities out of you, no matter what the short term affronts may be.

Consider aspartame toxicity, for example. Aspartame is directly associated with over 92 disease symptoms - it's a nasty toxin. When aspartame is in "solution", it moves throughout your body like water soaking into fertile soil. Aspartame will go anywhere your water stores penetrate inside your body tissues. More specifically, aspartame is a neurotoxin, which means it penetrates into your brain. This is dangerous because any toxin that is allowed into the hallowed brain center can reap havoc, and this creates a domino effect throughout the entire body. Anything the brain effects, so do the chemicals within the brain. If taking an aspirin can mask the pain in your big toe, aspartame can create a toxic effect anywhere in your body.

The degree of toxic wastes typically varies from person to person because everyone is different. So, heads up if you experience a toxic reaction as you remove aspartame, or any toxin, from your body.

To explain the various withdrawal reactions another way: once a toxin, and we'll use the chemical aspartame as a great example, gets into the brain, it doesn't get out without paying a price - headaches, migraines to be specific, mood swings, depression, aggression, sadness, body aches, joint aches, rapid heart rate, insulin swings, cravings for carbohydrates, weight problems, menstrual problems, sexual apathy, vision problems, ringing in the ears, nerve problems and seizures ... well, you get my point. Aspartame's toxic by-products float around in your brain and body like a lost puppy. Any of the 92 identified symptoms recorded from using aspartame could happen to you, and you'll lay witness to them as you detox.

I tell people to look for their body's weak link, which is usually an inherited weakness. This is where toxins within your body will be noticed first because this is the weakest part of your physical make-up.

By removing all known toxins from your life, you can focus on strengthening your weaknesses rather than tearing them down.

What to expect:
Depending where your body toxins are deposited, the type of toxin, and the degree of damage the toxins have done to your health, expect your body to react in some way to the removal of your toxic load. Commonly, people experience headaches as toxins release from the brain. They may feel lightheaded, tired, or forgetful. Some people break out in rashes at various places over the body where toxins have deposited under the skin and in the body fat.

It is not uncommon to either have diarrhea or constipation, depending on the toxin. Flu-like symptoms are one of the most typical side effects when removing toxins, but this should last merely a few days. Nutritional detoxing can create immediate body responses, and you actually want to experience health reactions when toxins are excreting from your body because this tells you that the detox is working.

Commonly, WHERE your body reacts to a detox program is the targeted area where the toxic residue has been stored. These areas should be monitored with extra care to help them cleanse and heal thoroughly.

If you don't know what toxins are inside of you, or where they may be stored, the hair analysis is a terrific tool for learning what's been happening inside of your body, and what may be causing your recent health symptoms.

It is time to cleanse your body, and when you commit to doing a detox program, you must be mentally prepared for what may come out!

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