What A Hair Analysis Will Show You

If the hair analysis works for the dead, it surely works for the living....

The hair analysis is one of the most respected tests to determine the cause of death, yet it has been criticized as an accurate assessment for the living. This makes no sense to me, and I have successfully used the hair analysis to help thousands of people uncover the root causes of their health symptoms. I know it works for the living!

The key to a good hair analysis is using a quality lab and having an exceptional interpretation of the results. Let me share with you what a hair analysis is and my approach to using the hair analysis in health and wellness.

The protein in your hair permanently holds the composition of your body tissues. By analyzing your hair, I can tell what toxins have accumulated in your body tissues and what vitamins and minerals are out of balance. By detoxing and replacing the specific vitamins your body needs, health can be restored based on your personal needs. The hair analysis shows me all this, and I customize your personal nutrition based on your personal hair results.

Hum, what a concept - personalized nutrition.

My own hair analysis was an important part of my healing from Grave's Disease caused by aspartame poisoning. I personally learned (the hard way) that you can't heal from something you can't see. If the CAUSE of illness is never determined, then how can true healing ever take place? A lifetime of pharmaceutical band-aids is America's modern-day solution to the many disease syndromes we are currently plagued with, but many drugs only add more toxicity as time goes on.

Hair analysis technology helps identify the cause of many "mysterious" health symptoms, and by removing body toxins, you can then restore the essential elements those toxins rob from your body.

Toxins. Humans are polluted with over 14,000 food chemicals we are exposed to everyday from industry and manufacturing, the weapons of war, and pollution. The hair analysis is an excellent tool to identify those toxins, and my lab shows the vitamin and mineral deficiencies that result from toxicity.

Vitamins. When you go to the health food store, do you really KNOW what vitamins you need, and which supplements you are taking that you don't need? A hair sample shows me exactly what you need nutritionally!

Organic foods, healthy foods, and vitamin supplements are expensive, but we all must consume real foods as opposed to processed foods, and with the low standard of foodstuffs in moderns times, taking a quality supplement is something I highly recommend for all age groups. Having a personalized hair analysis can show me if you are eating the right foods for your body type, and can help you learn what vitamins to buy.

I do many hair analyses for children, and I have a strong interest in pediatric nutrition. With the inundation of diet sweeteners, rancid fats and oils, and over 14,000 food chemicals added to foods that infants and children eat in today's world, it is very, VERY wise for a concerned parent to detox their children at the very first stages of their child's life. Many children diagnosed with behavior disorders are merely toxic. I have hair analysis results from infants that show higher in toxins than many 80-year-olds.

Stop guessing what toxins are at the root of your health symptoms. YOU offer your doctor some answers that the medical tests cannot show. Make sure your children start life as clean and healthy as possible. Have a hair analysis done at least once in your lifetime, and learn what you look like from the inside out.

The hair analysis was the first tool I used to cure myself of a misdiagnosis of Grave's Disease. It showed me how to restore my health, it confirmed the cause of my disease was aspartame poisoning, and it was the first step that I took to restore my perfect health within 30-days of being hospitalized.

The hair analysis worked for me; it can work for you and your children, too.

For more information about hair analysis testing visit the resources below:

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