Has Anyone Seen My Spleen?

From the Always Listen To Your Liver Series

People have joked about it, ignored it, and had it removed without thinking twice, but the spleen plays a more important role in the body's defense system than anyone has given it credit for.

The spleen wouldn't be a part of human anatomy if it didn't have a role to play in human health. Your spleen is a reservoir for a large number of immune cells called monocytes (the largest of the body's white blood cells), and in the event of a serious trauma to the body, like a heart attack, a diagnosis of lymphoma, a gashing wound, or a microbe invasion, the spleen will eject monocytes into the bloodstream to assist healing.

The spleen reminds me that nature knows what it is doing, and that humans need to pay more attention to nature's influences in healing as opposed to over-riding our body's abilities with man-made foods and drugs. (Isn't this called homeopathy?) No one has ever reported a case of "spleen cancer" or "degenerative spleen disease", and no one has studied the spleen's resiliency, either. The spleen has been ignored in medical science, but it may prove to be a superior organ influencing human health.

One reason medical doctors have never taken the spleen seriously is because they believe people can survive without their spleen, unlike the liver or the stomach. The spleen is only recognized when it ruptures and needs to be removed. Instead of pushing the latest meds on us, let's focus more on the body's ability to provide the help our bodies really need; and this includes the spleen.

Spleens can rupture during contact sports, as a result of a motorcycle accident or during a very serious physical trauma to the body at which point surgeons have no choice but to remove it. But humans are just scratching the surface when you really think about it. We really don't know the whole picture about our human anatomy, and this brings up a big point - a very big point.

How can drug manufacturers, government leaders, and Big Pharma admins defend that chemical food additives, such as aspartame, and that drugs and medications, like chemotherapy and statins, are really safe for humans? They do not know enough about the human body to be able to make these adamant statements. Doctors don't really know if pumping someone's immune system with toxic vaccines is always the best choice in the long-run.

Back to the spleen and what it represents to you and to me....

The spleen is a purplish, fist-size organ just behind the stomach on the left side of the body around the 10th rib. As blood flows into the spleen, it is dumped into puddle-like cavities where the production of platelets for bone marrow takes place. For the blood and platelets to get out of the spleen, the organ must squeeze between the cells, dumping the matter into the bloodstream. This squeezing action helps filter out blood-borne parasites and aging blood cells too brittle for use.

The spleen has been referred to as a graveyard for red blood cells, but it is really more of a recycling center because iron and other blood components are pulled out of the cells in the spleen, and it is here that iron-containing protein in the red blood cells is combined with oxygen. This stuff is then recycled from the lungs to the body tissues. Sounds healing to me!

When your body suffers trauma, your spleen is awakened to come to your rescue, and its cells surge forth without delay. Humans have yet to really understand how the spleen aids in cancer recovery, disease prevention, or in the healthy development of a growing child. Don't you think it's time to find out?

Instead of masking disease symptoms with toxic drugs, forcing humans to take inoculations that have not been proven safe for long-term human health; instead of dumping toxic chemicals into the food supply and offering more toxic pharmaceuticals to mask the symptoms those chemicals create, we must remember that our bodies are much wiser and more magnificent than any human-man-made-product-of-convenience will ever be.

People have joked about it, ignored it, and had it removed without thinking twice, but your spleen offers you some of the best medicine for your health and wellness.

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