Hair Analysis Q and A with Dr. Hull


Q: Quackwatch says the hair analysis is a hoax. Is this true?

A: Websites like quackwatch or snopes started out with the right intentions, but they are fertile ground for the politics of greed and yellow-journalism. They both have printed information stating that aspartame isn't a dangerous health toxin, and aspartame is my benchmark for knowing if these sites are really researching both sides of an issue, or if they are not up to date with the politics behind health information. Inaccurate information on quackwatch and snopes, shows me that the system really isn't working, and is infiltrated by profiteers using these websites to seed misinformation.

It is hard to know in our modern times what information is true and what is manipulated, and all I can tell you is that the hair analysis is one of the finest lab tests for the human body. All you can do is follow your instincts, and avoid being one of the sheep for those "corporate shepherds" and political leaders profiting off your health.

Why doesn't my doctor use hair testing?

Q: I asked my doctor if he does the hair testing and he said no. He said he knows nothing about the hair testing, and suggested I have a blood and urine test, a MRI and a liver test done instead. Even with my insurance, all these tests will be much more expensive than your hair test, but if my doctor can't use the hair test, why should I have it done?

A: One of the shortcomings of the American Medical Association is the lack of nutritional education they require for medical students. American medical schools promote more of the pharmaceutical philosophy of healing as opposed to a nutritionally based curriculum. Blood and urine tests have value, of course, as those results can identify diseases present within the blood, and they help your doctor determine the dose of drugs needed to suppress your symptoms. We must remember that "drugs" do not cure disease, but they merely control symptoms, while creating adverse side-effects of their own. Drugs also make a lot of money for the docs and the drug reps.

The hair mineral analysis on the other hand, identifies long-term nutritional deficiencies that can be at the root of disease, along with identifying toxic metals within the body that can cause disease. Again, most traditional medical doctors do not know how to interpret a hair analysis, so they discount its importance.

I always recommend to shop your doc - find one who is open-minded, one who has the time to spend with you and to listen to you. Find a doc who can learn from you. They are out there because I work with them occasionally. It is invigorating to find a mainstream doctor willing to work with an alternative, holistic doctor. Now THAT combination creates healing!

Doctors are no better than anyone else; they simply chose to go to medical school, and you didn't. So there you have it. Doctors are no more special than you are; they can make mistakes, they are human, and they can be wrong.

Mine was!

Is the hair analysis really accurate?

Q: My doctor says the hair analysis isn't accurate. Is this true?

A: Yes, of course the hair analysis is accurate.

The hair analysis has been used in forensics since Sherlock Holmes' days. If it is respected for the dead, by golly, it is just as respected for the living. A hair analysis is as credible as a standard blood or urine test, but it shows different things. This may be why your doctor thinks it "doesn't count", because they are not trained in nutrition and do not know how to interpret one, unless they are a coroner.

The key to a good hair analysis is the capability of a credentialed laboratory and the expertise of the practitioner interpreting the results. The American government and law enforcement agencies have depended upon the hair analysis for decades to provide conclusive evidence in crime investigations and in drug testing for Federal parolees. The cause of death by poisoning can only be determined conclusively by a hair analysis, as in the case of President Andrew Jackson. The hair analysis on Andrew Jackson's exhumed body determined he was indeed poisoned by arsenic. The hair analysis will show your arsenic levels, too, and before you die!

What a great offering.

The best in health,

Janet Hull

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