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Disputing The Article on Aspartame.

I received the very disturbing email below from a gal who ordered my book, Sweet Poison. It appears that used my book title when reporting an aspartame scam. By using my book title, Sweet Poison, as the title of their post, snopes gives the impression that this particular hoax is connected to me and to my work with aspartame. Please know that snopes is NOT referring to my book, Sweet Poison, because my Sweet Poison is definitely NOT A HOAX.

Liz wrote: I just received your book in the mail yesterday and looked forward to reading it until I was talking with a fellow nurse friend of mine about aspartame, about my cutting it out of my diet, and about my symptoms, etc. She said that the information about aspartame being unsafe is false and that has verified it.

Well, I just got home and typed in, and searched for the word "aspartame." The very first snopes article was "sweet poison." To say the least, right now I am a little disappointed. I am not sure what to think.

From Dr. Hull: The sweet poison on is not about my book or me. I do not know who wrote the article they refer to, but about 2 years ago, someone put an article all over the Internet about their sister having MS and that you can take a "pill" to remove aspartame from your body, and they titled the article sweet poison. My sister does NOT have MS, and one "pill" will not remove aspartame from anyone's body. My Aspartame Detox Program will help the body detox from aspartame's toxic by-products, but this takes time and many lifestyle changes.

Then, another bogus article circulated over the Internet under the fake name, Nancy Markel, and this email was also not true. Snopes refers to this article as a hoax, and it was. But neither of these emails has anything to do with my work or my book, Sweet Poison.

I can only assume that the big corporations and sweetener interest groups wrote these fake aspartame Internet articles. Possibly, some radical corporate lobbyist put these fake articles out there for the purpose of discrediting the true aspartame web information. We searched for the originator of the MS article, but they kept themselves very well hidden. Cowards!

I wrote a Healthy Newsletter article disassociating myself from this MS article titled sweet poison, but sadly, this is one way the "corporate side" can harm the reputation of the professionalism behind the respectable research proving aspartame IS a carcinogen. They must find some way to discredit the truth and to steer people away from the fact that aspartame does cause multiple health symptoms. Aspartame is a neurotoxin, and that is a very bad thing.

Discrediting my work in such a devious fashion is what these people have had to resort to. Sad, isn't it?

I am sure that this snopes report has hurt the credibility of the truth about aspartame, and I am also sure that it is harming me, personally and professionally. But, this is how these people play their games, and I have learned to grow very thick skin, and just let it go. Shame, shame, shame on

Aspartame nets billions of dollars in profits for many large companies, and these companies, in turn, reap even more profit from the pharmaceuticals that they make to counter the side effects of aspartame.

My work with aspartame is genuine, my illness was real, and I work with thousands of people, including babies and children, from all over the world that, indeed, who have had a dangerous reaction to aspartame.

You must make your own decisions. Sadly, your friend is misinformed, and she is wrong to say that aspartame is safe. Aspartame is a dangerous chemical.

Liz replied: Yes, the thing threw me, but my body is the only proof in the pudding that I need now. This is Day #9 of ridding my body of aspartame. On Day #2, #3 and #6, I had only 1 diet coke, and all the other days, I had NONE.

So now I have gone for 9 days without depression, my muscles don't ache from head to toe anymore, I can raise my arms without discomfort, my legs don't feel like I am 110 years old; well, I could go on and on.

My nurse friend who told me about snopes has noticed the amazing changes my body has undergone with no aspartame, but she is still skeptical. My reply to her, "Well, how do you explain my great changes in just 9 days after 2 years of my health symptoms being intensified to the point that I couldn't take the pain anymore?"

She didn't have an answer for me! I have written you because I feel like I discovered, as you did, what has been making me so sick. I waited to get my copy of "Sweet Poison", and was pretty pumped and excited about finding some answers; ONLY to be brought down by my friend's criticism. When she mentioned the snopes criticism, I did become confused. Thanks for taking the time to write your reply.

From Dr. Hull: The dangers of aspartame are real. MY book, Sweet Poison, is NOT a hoax.

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