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Quackwatch and The Hair Analysis

Q: What do you think of this report? Is he basically lambasting the lab's inconsistency and not the value of the hair testing?

Commercial Hair Analysis: A Cardinal Sign of Quackery by Stephen Barrett, M.D. QuackWatch-Hair


A: I have written many replies to similar questions addressing this quackwatch article because I do receive many inquiries about it. Basically, I feel that if the hair testing is the final judicatory ruling for courtroom autopsies and for the definitive cause of death, then it is just as accurate for the living. One can't respect the hair test results for one need, while discrediting it for another. Most traditional doctors are not trained in nutrition, and this is mainly why they criticize it; most have no clue about the tools used for nutritional recommendations. Plus, this type of test takes money out their pockets when people choose not to have expensive lab tests like MRIs or CAT scans run - and sometimes multiple runs at a high expense followed by endless office visits.

Most docs do not have a clue how to interpret nor how to recommend supplements using the hair analysis as a guide. So, if THEY can't understand this, they discredit it. If they DID understand them, they would know what an awesome tool they are. As far as I am concerned, the quackwatch doc put his foot in his mouth after he spread egg all over his face.

And, I feel strongly that anything that might be of help to heal a patient - any patient - is of value. If alternative methodologies help someone - anyone -, then don't belittle those that try them or discredit what they try. For someone to discredit the hair analysis, a tool that has helped many, MANY people - well, I have no time for that kind of negativity; especially in the healing arts where real people are involved in real health issues.

Search for all the positive answers you can find, and lean toward the things that help you or help someone you love in any way possible. If what the docs are offering isn't helping you get well or isn't encouraging you to find the answers to WHY you are ill, then by all means, seek alternatives.

I call this the "shot gun" approach. Try anything and everything that might be of help; sooner or later you are going to hit the bulls eye.

Hope this helps.

Bone Health

Q 1: This question is relative to my wife, age 54, good health with an exception. Four years ago after a freak fall where she broke her ankle, the X-ray revealed probable osteoporosis. A bone scan followed, and confirmed. She had been taking 1200 mg of a calcium/mineral supplement to prevent the "disease", but a prescription of Actonel plus the supplementary calcium and minerals ensued.

Two years later after a follow-up bone scan, the results indicated further bone deterioration, she requested blood work for parathyroid evaluation etc, which all came back normal. She switched to Fosamax and continued the supplementary calcium/minerals. In September she is scheduled for another scan and hopefully it will show some bone rebuilding progress. But I have doubts.

Any suggestions?

A: These meds do not "feed" the bone nor do they nourish the body - they simply attempt to replace the lack of calcium assimilation into the bone (but with what - fake calcium???), and they do not even do that correctly. There is a lot more to bone health than just a calcium/magnesium ratio. There is the need for a natural blend of other bone minerals such as strontium, silica, boron, manganese and digestive enzymes. These supplements are not in the big pharma drugs - mostly because it's too expensive to make, and maybe then, they would actually do something good for people (imagine that?), which in turn gets them well, and that means they would no longer need to buy the pharma company's drugs. You see, pharma companies don't see this from the viewpoint of getting people well and sending them on their way - to them, this about hooking people into a lifetime dependency on big-pharma drugs. Plus, most of these drugs cannot be digested and assimilated by the body, anyway - they can't even be broken apart with a hammer. (Try it!)

Bone density is weakened when digestion is insufficient and when the body pH is too acid. This may be the case here. One pill, once a month is ludicrous and very unnatural, not to mention, toxic to the liver. The body expects to eat the proper bone nutrients every day. This is the answer.

Q 2: My thought process is along the lines of a chemical imbalance or deficiency preventing the natural assimilation/use of calcium. I have been researching the hair analysis as a determinant of possible causes, which is how I found you. How would you recommend attacking this problem? She is 5'5" 128 lbs, exercises, does not eat poorly, drinks very, very few diet sodas, but does use Splenda sparingly for tea sweetening and we do not drink much of that.

A: Have her check her body pH, and I do recommend a hair test - let's not guess at this, but see how specific we can get at the deep tissue layer. You are spot-on, Mark, and very wise to research alternative options.

Many times metals work inside the body like a lead shield blocks an X-ray - metals repel nutrients from passing through. This may be the reason her bones cannot accumulate the proper nutrients.

Will The Hair Analysis Help My Bones?

Q: I found your site searching for the hair analysis and signed up for your newsletter (amazing information on your site, too). We are somewhat cautious about purchasing supplements, and we get ours from our local health coop because it is the only source I am aware of that will provide independent analysis and guarantee product quality.

A: It sounds like you are a short step away from hitting the bulls eye. I think all that you are doing is correct, so keep it going in this direction. The hair analysis can identify toxins blocking the assimilation of nutrients into the bone (and keeping them in the bone once they have gotten there), it tells us what your nutrient balances or imbalances are, and if you need to find other ways to stimulate your digestion and the assimilation of your bone nutrients.

Bone health is so much more than taking a once-a-month pill or simply a cal/mag mix. Your bones are living tissue, and they absorb many more essential elements than just calcium from an oyster shell! The hair analysis tells us what those other nutrient levels are, and exactly how to balance them.

The best in health,

Janet Hull

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