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My mom won't listen to reason.

Q: Dear Dr. Hull, My mother has been struggling with a minor weight problem for several years (she's on that weight watchful diet) and was also informed recently that she has Type II diabetes. Well, apparently, she thinks that artificial sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame-k, Splenda, etc) are the answer for both her weight and diabetes. I tell her, "no it isn't!", but I'm not getting through. Do you have any suggestions?

A: You obviously realize the aspartame and chemical diet products are why she has weight issues and Type II. Let her know that sugar-free products have been proven in studies to cause weight gain, and this is why obesity in children and adults is epidemic and has been an issue only since diet sweeteners came on the market 20 years ago. Does she remember ever seeing so many over-weight kids 30 to 40 years ago? I bet not. Aspartame and diet sweeteners starve your body and make people crave more fat and stay hungry all the time.

And, a diet of chemicals will not support her pancreas or immune system. She may notice that her diabetes improves if she returns to eating whole foods, and natural complex sugars in limits. She'll have more energy, sleep better, and may be able to control her diabetes with diet.

Q: It seems every time I visit my mom, I find diet sodas, sugar-free pudding and jello, and other such diet products in her icebox. She also has large bags of Splenda granules in her cupboard. I'm tempted to throw it all away, but I don't feel comfortable doing so. She is 65 years old, by the way, and on lots of bad medications, too: hormones, Celebrex, high-blood pressure meds, etc. I tell her she's in big trouble if she continues to follow this path. She hobbles around (arthritis) like someone twice her age or older, and the cox-2 inhibitors do nothing but make it worse. She seems unconcerned about the potential effects of drugs or artificial sweeteners on her body.

A: You have the right idea - you are correct and have identified many problems - medications + diet products = more medications. Processed diets, fear of real food, no exercise, and drugs to help her sleep at night, etc. Boy, this is becoming the common lifestyle for those who use chemicals to keep them going. She needs to have a reality check with herself to understand that she has fallen off the balance-wagon and is sliding deeper and deeper into dependencies on meds to keep her alive - NOT healthy. Health comes from a chemical-free diet, exercise, and some soul searching to uncover any fears she has that are driving this run-away train she is on!

Don't stop offering hints of guidance, but you are right - this is her path. Offer her some light of truth, through example. Don't stop trying to guide her, but these are her choices, off-balance as they may be.

I wish you all the best with this.

Splenda reactions to medications.

Q: I was looking through some of your articles, and am wondering if you have any research or have had many people on anti-depressants (SSRIs) complain of Splenda interactions with their medicines. I am on 150 MG of
Effexor XR and 100 MG of Zoloft each day, and this week I've swapped to Diet Coke w/ Splenda, and it's almost as if I haven't taken my medicine today. As far as I know that is the only dietary change lately.

A: The chlorine in Splenda can react in the body as if you drank from your aquarium or your swimming pool. The chlorine in Splenda is a carcinogen, just like all chlorine. But Splenda typically does not enter the brain unless it has been blended with aspartame or other chemicals. It's possible you are toxic (with heavy metals or other chemical toxins) to a level that all chemicals ingested are triggering your body to go over the edge. I think it is interesting that the Splenda has triggered strong reactions, but again, you are adding more and more chemicals into your system with meds + diet chemicals.

I suggest removing all unnatural chemicals from your diet, if possible, and return to a whole foods diet and drink organic coffee and tea, spring water, a good ale or wine in the evenings, if you drink wine or beer. Eat whole foods, take your vitamins at least five times a week, and exercise regularly, even if walking at night.

The research has proven the dangers of both Splenda and aspartame to human health in many arenas, but no one has yet formally studied the connection of Splenda with anti-depressants. I think we can figure out the interactions ourselves (it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make this connection), but this concern has not been formally documented.

I think you will feel an improvement if you change your daily programming!

The best in health.

I hurt all over my body.

Q: The doctors have told me that they believe that I have Fibromyalgia and arthritis. I am taking Cymbalta and Flexerel at night. I hurt all over my body, every day; some days worse than others, especially my left shoulder, arm and hand. I need to know what's wrong with me. I lost my job because of this, because you can't work without your hands. I pray all the time for help. I can now dress myself and sit in a tub. Before, I had to wear my hands in braces all of the time, and couldn't do for myself. After some of the swelling went down in my wrists, I could bend them, and use my hands a little.

I have been drinking and eating things with artificial sweeteners all of my life, I didn't know that artificial sweeteners were bad. I believe that I have a lot of toxins in my body, but I don't know how to get them out. I won't eat or drink artificial sweeteners any more. What about table sugar? I drink my cup of coffee in the morning, and I drink iced tea every once in a while, both with artificial sweeteners in them. What can I use to replace the artificial sugar? I drink water, some days 2-33oz bottles, and some days none at all. Please email me and let me know. Thank you.

Q: Removing all aspartame and other diet chemicals is the best place to start, and actually, you will be saving money by NOT purchasing the expensive diet products! Then if you want to purchase the "handbooks" on what to do next, I suggest my books, Detoxification Program and The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet. The RCPD book teaches you how to prevent more than cancer - it helps you learn what to eat for general long-term health.

Research, learn, and teach yourself how to prevent this from ruining your health, and then YOU take control and restore your old self. You can figure out the solutions, very inexpensively. A hair test is always good to do to learn what vitamins and minerals a chemical diet has taken away from your body, but you can do the Detox program without having a hair test done. Basically, return to a whole foods diet, replace depleted nutrients with a quality multi-vitamin and trace mineral supplement, and take vitamin C daily, too. Avoid ALL man-made foods filled with junky chemicals that have no purpose in nutrition.

This will show you results that, indeed, aspartame and other unnatural food chemicals have been starving your body of nutrients needed to support a healthy immune system.

I hope this is some help. The best of luck.

The best in health.

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