Does This Sound Like You?

Does this submission from one of our readers sound like you or someone you know? This is "straight from the heart" - pun intended.

Dear Dr. Hull: I believe there is a connection between aspartame and heart problems. In 1986 I had been dieting for several months, using Equal to sweeten grapefruit and drinking diet sodas as part of my weight loss attempt.

After a couple of months I found my hands and feet were swelling and I felt seriously exhausted. I reached a point where I could not walk 100 yards without having to stop and rest! This at 46 years old!

One morning I bent to put on my slippers, sitting on my bed, and became aware of my pulse in my neck, so I checked it by the bedside clock, which had a second hand. My pulse was 120 sitting still, not having done anything more strenuous than climb out of bed and put slippers on.

This sent me to the doctor, who sent me to a local heart specialist, who, following extensive testing, pronounced no structural cause for the rapid pulse, but indicated he felt I was having an allergic reaction to something.

A friend saw me drinking a diet soda and commented that "she could not drink those" because she found they gave her heart palpitations. HELLO!!!! I promptly stopped using aspartame in NutraSweet, and it took 4 months before my resting pulse rate finally steadied at 80 BPM.

In 1999 following several family tragedies, I again found myself unable to walk more than 50 yards without rest, and I had a heavy ache in my chest - back to the doctor - off to John's Hopkins where I was told that I had heart failure - damage to the heart wall due to thickening, possibly due to some trauma or allergy in the past, they said. They mentioned a problem with the Bundle of His, which I understood was something to do with the neurology of the heart. I am now on medication for life, and this is complicated by Type II diabetes.

I am convinced that my problems are due to aspartame, but have never seen any reports of heart complications due to this. I hope perhaps you, Dr. Hull, are in a position to look into this aspect of the "Aspartame Effect."

I wonder, could the insulin reaction to aspartame set up a tendency to develop Type II diabetes? This has been my burden since 2000. I have read a lot of reports about aspartame but have never seen a discussion of its affects on the heart or possibly causing pre-diabetic symptoms.

Thank you for reading my letter, I hope you will look into this.


Wow! This letter brought back bad memories for me. When I was reacting to aspartame found in NutraSweet in the early 1990s, I had heart problems, too. I admitted myself to the hospital at 4:00 in the morning when my resting heart rate reached 180 BPM. I have NOT had a problem with this since eliminating all aspartame from my life, and have NOT been on any medications to control it. The right prescription for me was to REMOVE ALL ASPARTAME.

Toxins in your body can take over if you let them remain inside you, untended, for too long. Removing toxins on a daily basis is the best and most natural way to keep your body clean of toxic chemicals that can create disease symptoms. The way to determine if toxins are creating health symptoms is to remove everything unnatural from your diet, purify your living and work environment to the best of your ability, and see if your health symptoms disappear. This is a quick, inexpensive, and self-empowering way to determine the roots of many diseases.

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