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To: Dr. Janet Hull
Subject: amino acids and aspartame

Q: I have been studying nutrition and toxic food additives for a few years now, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind explaining to me what is it about aspartame exactly that makes it so dangerous? Phenylalanine and Aspartic Acid are amino acids that your body either needs or can break down to supply the needs of other proteins. Correct?

Now the real problem that most people see is methanol toxicity. One liter of "diet" drink containing aspartame produces approximately 48 mg of methanol, whereas a liter of fruit or vegetable juice contains approximately 200 to 280 mg of methanol. This indicates that the quantities of methanol provided by aspartame as a food additive are lower than those provided by certain natural foods. How is it that I haven't seen people complain about aspartame from fruit or vegetable juices? If you could please clarify the why to my question I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

A: As time goes on (over 25 years now) the truths about aspartame are becoming buried deeper under the facts of basic nutrition - an outlook BEFORE diet sweeteners and fat-free diets changed the way we look at food. The corporations are becoming our nutritionists, as people believe what they hear on advertisements over and above old-fashioned nutrition.

If you research Drs. John Olney and Russell Blaylock, you will learn about the effects of isolated amino acids as unnatural to the body in comparison to nature's blend of at least 8 amino acids that keep the balance of each one in check. If one is not needed, the others can disarm it and escort it from the body before it inaccurately activates the brain or accumulates as a toxin.

All amino acids have a specific "job" to do when activating the brain. Protein is merely their vehicle, yet it allows the chemical to enter the brain and provide fuel to the brain center. When isolated, the amino acid is incomplete, and it signals the brain to activate, but it needs the other translators, if you will, to complete the marching orders. Once triggered by one amino acid, it waits for more instructions provided by the others (always present within nature). Are humans making nutrition decisions that change the Creator's original work, due to ignorance? Arrogance? Greed?

This principle is a basic nutritional fact; yet, as I mentioned, forgotten over time.

Also, don't forget that these elements found in nature are merely lab replicas when used in manufactured products. A can of Diet Coke® does not contain amino acids from a real banana or actual milk. The body may recognize manmade chemical coding from the fake molecule and try to process it, but there is nothing there - this leads to hunger and weight gain issues. And, please note, aspartame is not, and will never be, in a natural amino acid blend found in real food.

This topic never ends! This is why I have 3 books out on it, and I began my work in 1991!

Good luck with your investigation - you appear to be on the right track, but please start with the fact that aspartame is a manmade laboratory creation to make money. It is by no means nutritious, food, or a natural entity in any way.

To: Dr. Janet Hull
Subject: Detoxing uranium

Q: I am so happy to have found your website. Congratulations on your success with your own health. I'm hoping your book and detox is exactly what I need. Sepember of last year I found out I have uranium in me, amongst other metals. I rid 25 percent of it using colloidal silver, lemons and toxi-cleanse by Metagenics®. I want to get rid of the rest of it. The uranium is still in the medium to high zone. It took months to make progress, and I got sick as I was also detoxing from ozone and radon gases. How long do you think it will take to get rid of the uranium with your program? 6 weeks?


A: Six weeks is a good estimate when the toxins are not deep tissue, or if they are lighter metals, such as aluminum or uranium. How long your detox will take depends on the amount of heavy metals in your system, the other metals present, and their location in your body, as well as how you work the program. We've seen lots of success with the detox program, and know this - you will begin detoxing the metals within a matter of days. How long it takes to completely remove them depends on the above factors.

Good luck to you.

To: Dr. Janet Hull
Subject: Detoxing while nursing?

Q: I have a 4-month-old baby and I am nursing. Also, I have been diagnosed with Hashimodos disease/hypothyroid. I have 4 mercury amalgams and haven't seen a dentist for years because of frequent complaints of dishonest dentists in our area. I have been experiencing dental pain and a metal taste. I am petrified that I may have mercury poisoning. My concern, of course, is for my infant. I know that having the amalgams removed is not a trivial process and should be performed by a holistic dentist. Please advise me as to whether I should discontinue breastfeeding and whether there are any symptoms I can look for in my baby. Thank you.

A: Some of the symptoms you can look for in your baby include agitation, restlessness, weight loss issues, skin rashes, and problems eliminating through the bowels.

La Leche League International is the best source for information on breastfeeding. They have a complete list of medications and reactions, byproducts, etc as well as what forms these chemicals take in the breast milk, Hales Guide to Medications and Mother's Milk. LLL leaders are well educated in these issues and can give you some guidance.

I typically advise moms not to do a stringent detox during breastfeeding (and pregnancy) because the toxins will excrete into the milk. The best time to detox is before pregnancy and after breastfeeding.

A mild cleanse, maintaining your detoxification program during pregnancy or breastfeeding, and a diet-based detox are generally safe because they remove acute toxins slowly and the baby doesn't get as an acute an exposure.

Babies are exposed to ALL the toxins a mother has ingested, including all the chemicals a mother eats. One example: pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to eat even less tuna than the general population due to the mercury content in canned tuna products.

As long as you practice a healthy, whole foods diet and avoid any further toxins, I believe breastfeeding is the best way to go. For now, I suggest taking natural daily supplements, eating healthy foods and saving the intense detox for later, when you are no longer breastfeeding.

Good luck to you and baby.

To: Dr. Janet Hull
Subject: hair sample

Q: If I dye my hair, is it better to send head or pubic hair for the hair analysis?

A: When hair products are used, I prefer pubic hair because we won't have to guess if the toxins are from the hair products. This way, any toxins present in the report will be from other sources. If you choose to use head hair, remember to make note of the hair treatments you use on your patient information form. This helps the lab set parameters appropriate for your hair sample, and gives me the clue that the source of specific toxins may be from hair products. At the least, I can recommend a change in brands!

To: Dr. Janet Hull
Subject: Arsenic

Q: I recently wrote to you about a hair analysis I had done that showed slightly elevated arsenic. I am looking for the source. If it is not my drinking water then where else should I look? Could it be dental related? I've had problems since I had dental implants put in and they got infected. My mercury levels were O.K. but I read that mercury can cause you to retain arsenic. Is this true?

Thank you so much for answering me.

A: You'll want to research arsenic on the Internet or in the library, and find any and every possible source - something will match up for you. Your exposure is probably from an inorganic source due to manufacturing of some type, if you ruled out your drinking water.

The infection from dental implants is an issue within itself - only weakening the immune system, and the body appears to already be in trauma.

As for the mercury issue, metals can attract one another electromagnetically; some combine more readily with other metals than others. Mercury is a very volatile metal with physical properties unlike any other metal. It is neither a liquid nor a solid, but has very elastic properties. So, if mercury and other metals are present, they typically create a potent combination. Detox one, and you most probably will detox them all. This is why it is a good idea to stay on a yearly detox routine - I personally detox my liver and colon 2-3 times every year, but I take the detox vitamins all year long. One can never be too clean!!

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