There's More To Your Salt Shaker Than You Know

A classic misconception is common table salt (sodium chloride) is safe for human health. Let's look at what table salt really is to set the record straight.

Sodium Differs From Salt: You don't need salt in your diet at all. You need sodium. If your doctor has warned you to "watch your salt", this means avoid manufactured sodium with chlorine, not the natural sodium found in plants - without the chlorine. If humans were meant to eat "chloride" or drink chlorine, then wouldn't we be drinking salt water?

You can eat all the table salt you want and your cells can still be sodium deficient. The sodium used for building cells must be organic from plants for the body to utilize it properly; so sodium chloride, common table salt, serves no healthy function at all.

Getting your sodium from plants rather than from common table salt is the better choice to make. It has been demonstrated many times that sodium from plants will not cause high blood pressure. Not only does common table salt contribute to high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries, but it also stimulates unnecessary swelling in the body's cells and overworks the heart.

Sodium from plants keeps your arteries young and elastic. Your blood will flow more efficiently helping to rejuvenate your life-sustaining organs, and your sense of smell will improve significantly. Sodium is an important natural mineral found in leafy greens, celery, seeds, carrots, figs, apples, dried fruit, and cabbage. And sodium in plants isn't necessarily found with chlorine.

Sodium chloride is merely one of three 'salts' found in nature:
1. sodium phosphate
2. sodium sulphate
3. sodium chloride

Sodium combined with chloride (table salt) is different from the natural sodium and the natural chloride (Nat mur) found in plants. Nat mur is very effective in treating house dust allergies, allergic rhinitis, wheezing, sneezing, watery eyes, and itchy-sore throat. Manufactured table salt negatively affects these

Sodium phosphate and sodium sulphate improve rheumatic conditions such as stiff muscles, rheumatic aches and pains, and gout. Common table salt doesn't treat these conditions, either.

Sodium phosphate neutralizes body acids such as lactic acid and uric acid. Sodium sulphate removes poison-charged waste fluids from the cells. Nat mur forms of sodium with chloride distributes and carries water into the cells.

Manufactured table salt destroys the elasticity of arteries and capillaries (hardening of the arteries), and can cause stroke and possible death when an artery becomes too brittle and breaks from the hardening effect taking place. Deposits from processed salt can form on the arterial walls and are a major contributor to aging. Keeping the arteries clean is the key to longevity and good health.

Studies by the Department of Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin show that blood pressure does not increase by a high sodium intake unless it is accompanied by chloride. So, the chloride in your salt shaker is NOT healthy to eat. The sodium found in plants is the healthy choice.

So as Mother always said: "Eat your spinach - and like it!"


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