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* Most of the Earth's surface is covered with salt water. Zap it with an electric current; the sodium and chlorine atoms go their separate ways. Manufacturers are able to harness the chlorine captured in the salt.

* It can take as long as two to four days to get all the 'salt' out of your body, but the first thing you may notice is your hands and feet will become thinner.

* Note the "chloro" and "halo" parts in the following: trichlorophosphate (TCP) and the trihalomethane group (THMs), which includes chloroform. Municipalities are legally required to periodically report to the public (via newspaper or inserts in the water bill) the levels of these known or highly suspected "chloro" carcinogens produced in the tap water.

* The deformation of bird eggs and clutches of reptiles, mutations of frogs and lizards, infertility and birth defects, and even cancer in wild animals are well documented effects on wildlife due to man's interventions with chlorine.

* One problem water treatment plants have with chlorine is its unstable and easily separates from the water. This means the treatment plants have to add higher levels of chlorine so they can be sure that some will remain in the water when it reaches your home.

* Most people think that chlorine is safe to consume because it's in our drinking water and in common table salt. Well, both are actually harmful to human health. There is a huge difference between natural chlorine and manmade

* Organic chlorine found in minute amounts in nature cleanses the liver.

* A tomato is a good natural food source for organic chlorine.

* Some commercial salads are treated with chlorine to extend their shelf life up to twenty-five days.


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