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When Should I Take My Vitamins?
I have been taking my vitamins all at one time, but am I suppose to spread them out throughout the day, or is it all right taking them all together?

A: Taking them at the same time is fine. Natural supplements are simply concentrated nutrients from food, so treat them like you were eating. Either way is natural - splitting them into smaller amounts throughout the day, or taking them all at one sitting - either way is healthy. As long as the body is up-taking them efficiently, design your program where it is easiest for you to keep it going! That's the main thing - stay consistent.

Not Much Money
When you really don't have much money, which things in your detox program are the more important to focus on?

A: The French Green clay!!!!! Keep it in stock.


Q:I'm not feeling ready to totally take my daughter off of her ADHD medicine. Currently, it is a lower dosage than she needs. I'm wondering about the wisdom of keeping her on this lower dosage and as we see improvements from detox and supplementation, then perhaps start cutting back. Thoughts?

A: Yes, wean her off of it by replacing the meds with specific nutrients, such as germanium. The body doesn't know the "source" of anything - it only knows what nutrients are extracted from that source. So, if you are replacing the source, but the "chemical triggers" are the same, the body will replace one with the other and will never know that you switched sources. But do this slowly over time, and it should be a perfect replacement.

Eating After 6:00

Q:Why is 6:00 pm the "magic" hour for not having yeast products? We can't begin to eat supper before 6:30 pm...

A: The body stops digesting as the sun goes down - this is when ALL animals stop producing serotonin and begin producing melatonin for sleep. Typically, the body doesn't want to "work" when it's getting ready to rest and sleep, and if you eat after it is done for the day, especially consuming yeast products, it either addresses digestion inefficiently, doesn't digest the food at all, or works overtime to get rid of the foodstuff, and this actually stresses and weakens your body.

The best in health,

- Janet Hull

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