100 Things You Should Store for Emergencies

As more Earth events occur these days - earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, droughts and extreme heat - it is always good to be prepared for the challenges natural disasters can create. The following items are things everyone should have stored for any emergency. They come in handy for almost anything; especially when you least expect it.

1. Generators
2. Water filters/purifiers
3. Portable toilets
4. Water
5. Lamp oil, wicks, lamps
6. Coleman fuel
7. Matches
8. Hand-cranked can openers
9. Honey/syrups/raw sugar
10. Rice, beans, flour
11. Cooking oil
12. Charcoal, lighter fluid
13. Garbage bags
14. Seasoned firewood
15. Clean water containers
16. Propane cylinders
17. Baby supplies: diapers/formula, ointments, baby aspirin
18. Washboard, mop bucket w/wringer
19. Cook stoves (wood, propane, Coleman or kerosene)
20. Vitamins - three month supply
21. Feminine hygiene/hair care/skin products
22. Thermal underwear
23. Aluminum foil
24. Gasoline and extra containers
25. Guns, ammunition, Pepper spray
26. Toilet Paper, Kleenex, paper and cloth towels
27. Milk - powdered or condensed
28. Garden seeds
29. Canned tuna fish
30. Fire Extinguishers or large box of Baking Soda
31. First aid kits
32. Hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol
33. Batteries (all sizes) and keep refrigerated
34. Vinegar and baking supplies
35. Dog and cat food
36. Bleach - lots of bottles
37. Writing paper and pencils
38. Solar calculators
39. Insulated ice chests
40. Boots
41. Flashlights and torches
42. Key wind-up clocks
43. Solar watch and clock
44. Rope and duct tape
45. Cast iron cookware
46. Fishing supplies
47. Mosquito coils/repellent/sprays
48. Tarps
49. Candles
50. Laundry detergent
51. Backpacks
52. Garden tools
53. Scissors, fabrics and sewing supplies
54. Canned foods and canning supplies
55. Bicycles
56. Board Games, playing cards
57. Sturdy mouse traps
58. Paper plates and utensils
59. Baby wipes
60. Rain gear
61. Shaving supplies
62. Toothpaste and extra toothbrushes
63. Hand pumps and siphons
64. Reading glasses
65. Sun glasses
66. Woolen clothing - gloves and scarves
67. Popcorn kernels, peanut butter, nuts
68. Lumber
69. Garden hoses
70. Wagons and carts
71. Cots and sleeping bags
72. Coffee and tea
73. Cigarettes
74. Wine/Liquors
75. Paraffin wax
76. Glue, nails, nuts, bolts, screws
77. Hats
78. Cotton Neckerchiefs
79. Address book
80. Books and magazines
81. Bow saws, axes, hatchets, utility knives
82. Slingshot
83. Rain barrels
84. Binoculars
85. Telescope
86. Crank weather radio
87. Dust masks
88. Electrical extension cords
89. Long sleeved, white shirts
90. Raw steel wool and 9-volt batteries to start a fire
91. Bath soap
92. Long garden hoses
93. Three-month prescription supplies; keep in refrigerator
94. French Green Clay
95. Salt (salt and sugar combine as electrolytes)
96. Aspirin
97. Arnica Montana
98. Maps
99. Screen repair materials
100. Ladder

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