The Hair Analysis - One Size Does Not Fit All

I get a lot of questions about the hair analysis parameters; what they mean and how the lab sets them. The lab actually tests for 39 elements that are qualified in the hair, and for an individual's patient report, the results appear for the elements that deviate significantly from the reference values.

We have all encountered common, generalized "patterns" when toxins affect our health, but the hair test results for most patients do not "fit" an exact pattern. How can they when everyone is different? For these individuals, I take a more scientific approach to derive the maximum amount of information from the test. And, that takes some expertise.

I consider what is known about each element that deviates from the reference values, and then I consider the relationship with the other elements and clinical, health conditions of concern. Since "one size does not fit all," the hair analysis provides a comprehensive consideration for each element to assist the patient in maximizing the interpretation of the test results that do not match a common pattern.

So, in essence, common patterns are used to set an average reference point, but the individual's health status is always treated uniquely. And, that takes some expertise.

The reference points on the hair analysis are based on the literature and clinical feedback that have been reported to the lab over the past 30 years of doing the hair analysis. For each element on the hair analysis, there is a clear relationship about:

  1. The correlation between the level of each element in the hair and in the other body tissues;
  2. The normal function or toxic effects of the elements;
  3. Possible reasons for abnormal levels;
  4. Common symptoms associated with abnormal levels;
  5. Sources of the elements;
  6. Additional tests recommended confirming apparent abnormalities.

I spend at least an hour on each hair test result, specifically correlating my recommendations for nutritional supplementation and detoxification protocols, scrutinizing each patient's diet, health history, and health symptoms of concern.

The hair analysis is one of the finest health tools available, but the key to a good hair analysis is in the expertise of the interpretation. You have to know what you're looking for - the source of the toxins and how they affect the different body systems. It takes an experienced eye to read everything that the hair test reveals, but the hair analysis provides important information that cannot be derived from a blood specimen.

Everyone should have at least one hair analysis done in his or her lifetime. The hair analysis testing really does rock!

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