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Chinese Medicine Says...
Dr. Janet, Chinese Traditional Medicine claims additional supplements can support cancer in the body. Your comments please on this issue?
Best Regards.

A: You have asked a unique and interesting question. Having studied Chinese Medicine, I have never read or heard of this, so I interpret this as someone's more modern spin on ancient Chinese practices.

1) The ancient Chinese didn't recognize "cancer" as we do today;
2) The ancient Chinese didn't have "modern supplements" like we do today - they used herbs only and natural plant medicines. How this could increase a disease that didn't exist back then is puzzling to me;
3) Ancient toxins cannot be compared to modern toxins.

I am a big believer in whole food supplementation, and if natural food nutrients have been packaged within a powder or capsule, liquid or gel for modern convenience and to enhance our health - well, I think this is a great alternative to the effects of modern pollution, toxic foods, and depleted soils.

In modern times, societies have no choice but to supplement with what we have robbed from nature. Again, societies are not the same as they were in ancient China or the Far East. This is comparing apples to oranges.

The best in health.

How Long Do I Detox?

Q: I have reviewed the information you mailed me on my hair analysis report, and I have some questions. You say that you want to know how I feel after detoxing for the "estimated time period " you have recommended. How do you determine how long it will take to get these metals out?

A: I can estimate the time it takes to remove the metals based on your source of toxicity, your lifestyle and diet, your background, and the relative weights of the individual metals.

The length of time is not to be compared to the length of time one takes a pharmaceutical, though. The Detox supplements are natural elements that nature provides for all animals to ingest when toxins are within the body. They are natural and safe to do on going if one chooses. One can never be too clean or too healthy on the inside.

Once the sources of the toxins are removed, then the detox supplements help the body excrete them from deep body tissues, from the brain, and from the blood. The time duration is also up to the individual and can be determined per recovery time and feelings of health and wellness. And, detoxing can be done on going if it makes you feel good.

Just as we clean the engines of our cars, we, too, should clean our bodies often. When we use all natural cleansers, little to no side effects occur.

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