Did You Know - About a Hair Analysis?

Elements in the hair analysis do not represent a single point in time, but rather a cumulative record that cannot be derived from a blood specimen.

Elements such as copper, iron, and selenium can become toxic when present in the body at excessively high levels.

Toxic elements accumulate in the pubic hair as well as scalp hair, albeit at different levels.

Due to the sensitivity of the lab's instruments, an invisible speck of rust or a flake of chrome on the hair sample can totally compromise the analysis results.

Johnson's Baby Shampoo® is the best shampoo to use before having a hair analysis because it does not contain chemicals that affect the hair element levels.

Aluminum, nickel, silver and tin are common elements found in hair treatment products.

Selenium is a major component in some anti-dandruff shampoos, and a single use can affect the hair specimen results.

Manganese and boron are important in the regulation of bone density and cartilage formation.

Low magnesium and manganese levels are associated with agitation and stress.

Sources of exposure to lead are old lead paint dust/chips, drinking water, some fertilizers, and newsprint.

Zinc is an essential element required for a healthy immune system and protein metabolism.

Phosphorus is a major component of mineralized tissue such as bone and teeth.

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