Aspartame Case History

Age: 26;

Gender: Female;

Aspartame Consumption: 25 years;

Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame: Yes;

Diet Products Used: Wide variety of sugar free products (pancake syrups, soda, ice cream, cookies, coffee syrups, etc);

Do you use Equal: Yes;

Do your children use aspartame: Yes;

Are you aware of products not labeled sugar-free: Yes;

May we include your case history on website: Yes;

Do you want your information anonymous: Yes;

Comments: I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 17 months old. I have obviously been using aspartame and Splenda® my entire life (up until last year). I have ALWAYS been on the heavier side, obsessed my entire life with needing to lose weight, and although I am not "obese", I am still larger than what I should be for my height and body composition.

I gave birth to my son in 2008, and then to my daughter in 2009. While I was pregnant with my daughter, I had a lot of random issues (for some reason I was craving diet soda a lot with this pregnancy, and so I was drinking a lot of diet soda). I didn't have the energy compared to what I had before, so I didn't exercise like I did during my first pregnancy, I was having breathing problems, and more than once, I was taken to the hospital because of breathing issues and my arm was aching. I was kept in the hospital because they had noticed a heart murmur (or something similar to that) during testing. It turns out that there was no heart problem, but I still don't know what happened or what caused any of this. After giving birth to my daughter, I had extremely low energy, I was always cold, somewhat depressed, I lost all desire to be social/communicate with anyone, I couldn't sleep although I was constantly tired, and my hair was falling out more than normal.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism by my endocrinologist and prescribed Synthroid 125 mcg. I had been taking this for over 1 year, and still didn't feel any bit of difference, so I was tested for adrenal issues, Celiac disease, etc, etc. Everything looked fine, so there was no answer. I also started experiencing vertigo, although no one could diagnose it and it was hard to explain. I had an MRI and all the testing by an otorhinolaryngologist (a physician specializing in ear, nose, and throat diseases) to check my inner ear and everything looked normal.

I started hearing about how Splenda and aspartame, and all these artificial sweeteners, were actually not good for you, but I had always been told these were what I was supposed to use because of my diabetes. I immediately stopped using them and switched to erythritol, xylitol, stevia, maltitol, etc. Since no one could help with my vertigo and sluggish feeling, I just started to experiment on my own. I have been completely off the artificial sweeteners for a year now and my vertigo seems to have lessened, but is not completely gone. Every once in a while I still get dizzy in random situations. I can't think of anything BUT the fact that my issues (that no one can diagnose) are the result of using these sweeteners my entire life, and now there is no reversing certain parts. As far as my energy goes, I started seeing a Chiropractor/Naturopathic/Functional Medicine Doctor to help me since my Endocrinologist and all Dietitians I have talked to seem to all believe that there is nothing wrong with aspartame and the diet sweeteners.

I have been put on an elimination diet for 3 months (not eating red meat, dairy, eggs, wheat, corn, or anything with gluten in it) and have added Ultra Flora®, SpectraZyme®, and OptiFerin® as supplements. I have also done a lot of research on my own on Coconut Oil, and have added that to my diet as well. I must say that after adding the Coconut Oil, my required insulin levels have decreased by 30% over the last few weeks, and I am starting to get some of my energy back. I am even collecting a lot of information regarding being diabetic, hypothyroid, gluten-free, not using artificial sweeteners (only using xylitol, stevia, or coconut sugar), and incorporating Coconut Oil into my entire way of eating.

I do not write books and I have no degree in nutrition or health, but I do have many years of experience, and would be interested in writing some type of book regarding these things, although I'm not really sure where to start. I wanted to share this information with you. Thanks!

From Dr. Hull:
Thanks for sharing your story. Sadly, your use of these chemicals was, as you say, for all of your life. These toxins were present when you were just a child and present before you started puberty. Puberty is a very delicate time in a human's development, and the research does show harmful affects caused by these sweetener chemicals during hormone development.

Tell your story on the Internet; youtube, Facebook, everywhere that you can. People with similar experiences will find you, and you will find them. This issue is a very real issue, but the "mainstream" will not publicize it because it brings in too much money to stop now - the same companies making these diet sweeteners are the companies making the drugs for the side-effects they cause. You can get the word out on the web and through the alternative channels. Just know that people are hungry to hear the truth, and they are sick, too. People are not getting the right answers, and it is slowly killing them, just like you and I have experienced.

One day this all MUST stop - when and how, no one knows because the people supporting the diet sweeteners are the ones who are making money off the illnesses they create. So sad, but so true!

Stay well, and never stop believing in yourself!

The best in health,

- Janet Hull

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