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How Long Do I Detox?

Q: I began your program the beginning of last spring. I initially wrote you a long detailed history of my life, eating habits over the years and symptoms I was experiencing with my health. I mailed you this information along with all blood test results from previous years, and my initial hair sample. You had given me so much amazing information and advice on my new detox regimen. I just want to let you know how dedicated I am to this program. I think about you every day. I follow it like it's life or death because I am determined to feel better......I enjoy following it. People look at me like I have 5 heads when they see how clean I eat. I am so proud of myself with the changes I've made but I still have a huge dilemma..... my muscles are "not" recuperating and I always feel exhausted.

How long do I detox before I feel better?

A: Remember how I write that detoxing comes in layers? You have removed the most stubborn and crusty layer, on top. Now underlying causes of your health symptoms will more easily and rapidly surface for you. Focus on those layers as they rise to the surface. You have mastered the hardest part of this - believing that you are in control of your body and that you have the ability to fix your health!

You MUST determine if the source of your toxins is really gone. If you are still exposed to the toxin, then as hard as you detox, you are removing what is accumulating, but you are still putting back into your body what is causing your body stress.

You are stuck in a never ending cycle if your exposure to the toxin is not gone. I think this is a point we need to make.

Where Do I Buy Good Vitamins?

Q: I drive and hour and a half once a week to the Whole Foods Market to grocery shop. Unfortunately there isn't one closer to my house. Where can I find good vitamins closer to home if there are no health food stores near me?

A: Can you do any on-line shopping to find some of these items? I didn't begin selling vitamins to have an on-line vitamin shop, but over the years, I had more and more clients who could not find quality vitamin supplements near them. I have many clients in other countries, too, and they simply do not have "health food stores." Many of my products, I created myself for detoxing purposes, and I offer the best vitamins from my awesome lab on-line at Hullistic Market.

I also recommend Wobenzyme-N from Germany, which is a great systemic digestive enzyme; I like the NOW products; MegaFoods is really good; and KAL has a good line. All these brands should be available on-line.

NIORA skin care line is really awesome, too, at Niora Products.

Organic Foods
Q: "All" of my vegetables and fruits that I eat are raw and organic. Swill chard, collard greens, kale, arugula, spinach, red cabbage, radishes, cilantro (a lot), celery, broccoli, cauliflower, Spring Mix, green apples, and avocado, but I can't find organic lemons and limes. Where should I go to buy them?

A: Are there any local farmers around you, or a farmer's market? Realistically, you may only be able to find locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables common to the growing season in your area, and if you do not have a Whole Foods Market, a Trader Joe's or a Market Street near you, you may have to "buy what you can get" concerning some fruits and veggies (and wash them in the sink, as I am sure you know to do). You have a wonderful diet, so if you can't buy everything organic, you are still doing great!

Make sure to check on your pH periodically, too. This will be informative on how well your body is up-taking these great foods.

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