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In reading last month's newsletter article Look To The Skies, I can envision the thought of going outside on a moonless night with a cup of steaming tea and just relaxing in a comfortable lounge chair watching the heavens. I have always enjoyed star watching. My mother tried her best to teach me the names and shapes of the heavenly bodies, but alas, this was not absorbed very well. To this day I remember her pointing out this and that shape and still wonder, "What is she looking at?"

Mars has always held a bit of amazement to us humans, and the thought of it being as large as our moon would be phenomenal. When I first read this article, I hurriedly sent off the notice to many, and surely I got one back with much anticipation of marking their calendar as I had. The next one that came back just as quickly sent a note that this has been going around since 2003 as a hoax. The preview, of sorts, as listed as a "power point" is part of that hoax. The entire story is here, and explains to us non-celestial minds why the phenomenon cannot be. ... t-27-nope/

I will still take my cup of tea out to the back yard and watch as Mars starts its path across the skies during August, it is always relaxing and soothing to the nerves. I do remember some years back, probably 2003 that Mars was much brighter and really showed her color off quite well.

Relax and enjoy your cup of tea, I will.

From Dr. Hull:

Well, I'll be...we checked it out, but didn't find what you found. I am with you - I'll still have my telescope out and I am sure that Mars IS moving closer to the moon. In some parts of the world, Mars will look bigger, but NOT THAT BIG, huh??? The article said that no humans have ever witnessed this before, so how do we know what Mars might look like at the North Pole or In Brazil?? It will be different than my view in Texas, that's for sure.

I remember about 10 years ago when Saturn was at its closet to the Earth during a lunar eclipse. The full moon was blackened from the shadow of the Earth, and right behind it, I saw the rings around Saturn. THAT was a memory I will remember forever; I'll NEVER forget how beautiful Saturn was from my small backyard telescope.

A good friend of mine from high school is Former Astronaut Jim Reilly. I love to hear Jim's awesome stories about his travels on the Space Shuttle. Jim told me that it is so bright in outer space, you just cannot believe the number of stars out there. He said that there are interesting noises in space, too, and that Buzz Aldrin's glove has been revolving around the Earth at 17,000 mph for years!

So, I might just believe anything about the planets!!!

What puzzles me is why someone would go to such trouble to put together a bogus Power Point presentation that was a prank. WHY do that? Is someone so incredibly bored with life that they need to spend their time hoaxing people who surf the net looking for good data and information to enrich their lives? The web is a wonderful outlet for creativity and brilliance. Why abuse it this way? A sign of the times, I guess....

For what it's worth, the planets move close to Earth at different times during their revolution around the sun, and Mars has been close to the Earth, as has Venus. Well, thanks for letting us know this one slipped by us, but I'll still look to the skies from Texas anyway, and you let us know what you do see from the Florida Heavens!

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